To Galvanise or Not to Galvanise

To Galvanise or Not to Galvanise

One of the options we offer you when choosing a canopy is the finish – you can choose from a galvanised finish, a powder coated finish or galvanised and powder coated finish. This probably makes you wonder what the difference is between these finishes and which option would be best for your environment?

There are many benefits to each finish and below I am going to explain what these are to help you make the right decision.


Why choose to have your canopy galvanised? If galvanising is required, we hot dip the steel to BS EN ISO1461. This standard is referenced as the main standard for the coating of iron and steel. This helps to extend the life span of your canopy by protecting it from corrosion, therefore making it a worthwhile investment.

Galvanising your canopy frame could increase the life expectancy of your shade structure by up to 25 years in most locations however, with certain thicknesses in some locations, it could even last up to 40 years! If that doesn’t make you want your canopy galvanised, I don’t know what will.

Hot dip galvanising produces a tough, durable and permanently bonded coating which is better than many other systems in protecting steel from damage. What’s more, any bare steel exposed by scratches or drilled holes is protected by the surrounding zinc. However, galvanised steel can be attacked by prolonged exposure to acidic materials in the air.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is brilliant because you have a whole world of colours to choose from for your canopy. We offer powder coating in our range of standard RAL colours, however, we will powder coat your shade structure to any RAL colour of your choice at an additional cost.

Powder coating your canopy enables us to create the perfect canopy for you setting – you can create a striking focal point by choosing a contrasting colour or you can allow the canopy to blend in with your current aesthetics by choosing a colour to match your existing colour scheme. We can even powder coat different sections of a structure in different colours!

It is very important to be as environmentally friendly as possible these days, therefore, you will be pleased to know that by choosing to have your canopy or shelter powder coated, there will be no waste from the colouring because the overspray can be recycled, allowing it to be reused. Also, the powder coating molecules do not emit many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and therefore have a reduced impact on the environment.

The smooth high gloss finish that is produced from powder coating is free from runs, sags, or drips and provides superior edge coverage. It has a superior resistance to chips and scratches and creates a tough finish that withstands industrial usage without denting or cracking. Even when exposed to extreme outdoor weather conditions such as high levels of heat from the sun, salt air and high humidity, the finish will keep up a smooth, attractive appearance and will provide years of service.

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