Waiting Shelters for Veterinary Practices

Waiting Shelters for Veterinary Practices

Adhering to social distancing measures, whilst also seeing all the pets registered at your practice that require medical attention can be a tricky task to balance. From my experience, veterinary practices like doctor surgeries, always at full capacity – so how are you meant to keep your furry patients and their owners distanced? The best option in the current situation would be an outdoor shelter.

Canopies provide shade and shelter from the weather to all those standing or sitting underneath. This means you can keep your visitors covered from the weather whilst waiting for their appointment.

Our canopies are supplied in a range of styles and sizes including very small to extra-large to suit your available space and capacity requirements. You can choose from wall mounted canopies, free standing canopies and entrance canopies which can have smaller projections, no front posts and unlimited lengths – ideal for smaller outside areas.

You can add extras to your canopy such as signage to ensure it stands out and is easy to find which is ideal if your canopy is a bit of a distance from your main entrance. A popular addition is our 5mm solid polycarbonate side fills which encloses your canopy either on the sides or front (or both) for additional weather protection from driving wind and rain.

More than just a space to wait

Another use for your canopy would be a collection point for those that order their prescriptions over the phone and arrange for them to collect at allocated times from the collection point under the canopy. This will also reduce the number of visitors in your main building.

Once social distancing is a thing of the past, you can use your canopy for events that you may run such as fairs and fundraising and charity events. You can also use it all year round as a shaded and sheltered space for your staff to enjoy their lunch outside in the fresh air. Your staff and visitors may also appreciate it as a smoking shelter or somewhere to store their bicycles whilst at work. Many establishments also use their canopies as storage shelters to gain maximum use from the covered space they create.

Why choose a permeant shelter?

You may be tempted to opt for a temporary shelter as the social distancing measures are only temporary however, it is unknown how long the measures will be around for and you may find yourself needing to replace your temporary structure due wind damage. Temporary structures are generally not designed to be left outside all year round, in all weathers, and often need to be taken down in strong winds. You may also experience the structure or the fabric blowing off on windy days.

With a permanent structure such as the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, none of the above will be an issue. The Coniston is a permanent structure that is designed to withstand the British weather all year round, you will never need to remove or take any part down in poor weather conditions, it provides shade and UV protection from the sun as well as protection from the rain. And as a bonus, it is suppled with a 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy, so you know that you will certainly get your money’s worth out of your invest over the years.

If you require a canopy for veterinary practices, call us on 0800 389 9072 or email sales@ablecanopies.co.uk

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