Wall Mounted Canopy Brackets – Why Do We Use Them?

Wall Mounted Canopy Brackets – Why Do We Use Them?

You may have noticed that sometimes our wall mounted canopies feature brackets along the wall that the canopy is fixed to.

Canopy brackets are not required for all canopies, most structures can be fixed to the wall along the wall plate as standard however, occasionally we introduce brackets to enable the canopy to be secured to the wall.  If the building height is too low this may prevent the canopy achieving minimum height requirements and a suitable pitch of the roof.

For these reasons we may choose to use brackets if there are small obstacles along the wall where the canopy is to be mounted. These obstacles can include:

Existing Guttering and Downpipes
There may also be guttering and downpipes in the area.  To ensure we can avoid any guttering issues, we will use bespoke brackets so these can raise the height of the canopy and avoid clashing.

Brackets were used with the above canopy to avoid the existing guttering and downpipesFacias
If the building has facias that create different protrusions on the surface that the canopy is to be fixed to, we may use brackets to ensure the canopy is securely fixed to the building.

Building Shapes
If the surface of the building where the canopy is to be installed has differing levels or slight alcoves or ridges, then brackets would also be the perfect solution, enabling a wall mounted canopy to still be installed.

The above canopy was installed with brackets due to the shape of the building – the upper part of the building recedes, so there’s not enough height for the canopyOur Bracket Design
The brackets can be many sizes and shapes to suit the area of installation, ensuring a secure and strong installation of the canopy. They are manufactured from aluminium and or steel and will be finished in the same colour as the canopy for a seamless finish. As the canopy will be raised and not against the building, this will prevent us from creating a watertight seal.  Sometimes we can use a flat board to try and keep the area dry, although this cannot be guaranteed.  Each installation will be looked at and the best options discussed.

If you are looking to have a wall mounted canopy installed that may require brackets, give us a call on 0800 389 9072, or email us at sales@ablecanopies.co.uk.

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