Ways to Fundraise at Sports Day

Ways to Fundraise at Sports Day

One of the highlights of any school year is the annual sports day. The annual sports day is also a great opportunity for fundraising. There are plenty of opportunities to make saving for your school canopy easy and straight-forward. Here are some of the ideas.


One of the least used is to bring in local companies and get them to sponsor the day. This can be done through various sponsorship systems that you can design for your specific school. You can invite local companies to sponsor an event, a team or just the whole day.

Sponsorship fees can also be charged based on the company and what they’re sponsoring. They might also want to provide prizes for participants as an added incentive for students to perform well.

Sponsored Event

Sports day doesn’t have to be just about the children. Teachers can take part in special events which can be sponsored by the children, parents and families connected to your school. You could host a teacher run or penalty shoot-out with kids playing against the teachers.

There are numerous options that could make this a fun and exciting event.


Some sports days can last a long time, so why not offer food and drink for the parents? A cup of coffee, water, a small snack might be something they want while waiting for their child to get to the next event.

You might also want to offer some small treats that parents can buy for their children to celebrate their achievements on the day.


Sports day only happens once a year and some children and parents love the day. So why not create some merchandising to be sold on the day? You don’t have to invest in much, just a few t-shirts, tea towels and more that can be tailored for the sports day of your school.

Sell these in the run-up and on the day.


Fundraising is really important when it comes to the success of your school. Therefore, you want to make sure that you’re taking every opportunity to raise funds for your next school project. Think of the four options above when you’re running the next sports day.


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