Ways to Improve Funds Raised from Summer Fairs

Ways to Improve Funds Raised from Summer Fairs

There are numerous ways to increase the funds collected from events held at your school. So, in addition to the usual stalls, here are some ways that you can improve summer fair revenues.


You can host competitions on the day such as treasure hunts, quizzes, sports contests and more. Competitors can be charged an entry fee and you can have local brands sponsor teams or the events. They can also provide prizes for the wins.

Extra Stall

There are lots of stalls, beyond those that are run by your staff and students, that you can add to your school’s fair. Local companies might want to have a pitch at your event and you can charge them a good amount to be at your fair. It is also a good way to improve the variety of what is available at your fair.


Sponsorship is one of the top ways to get your school fair some more income. There are numerous options for sponsorship from sponsoring stalls, competitions and even the program for the fair. One of the best things about sponsorship is that you can collect small amounts from as many local businesses as you want.


Sell merchandise for the event, like clothing, bags and more that are specific to the summer fair. For instance, include the name of your school, the year and other specific details. These can be sold at the event.

Fundraising Pot

One of the final options is to have a stall where you’re asking for donations. Start by detailing what you’re going to use the funds for, like building a school canopy, new computer equipment or a new playground.


Above are some of the more unique ways to earn more revenue and money from your summer fairs. What other options do you have for helping you earn more money?

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