What Is Going Wrong With Our Schools?

What Is Going Wrong With Our Schools?

Studies have shown that there are falling standards in schools. Many students are leaving without the necessary English or Maths to complete basic working tasks in the working environment. At the same time, with the rise of technology in the workplace, there is a significant need for an increase in students advancing to higher education.

Schools Not Being Equipped For The Future

There are plans in place to rectify these issues, but most of the current schemes are not going to make much of an impact. Many do not focus on the learning environment or the skills of the teaching staff but instead focus on giving parents more choice about the school they send children.

Yet there are simple solutions that can help students to achieve their potential which aren’t being utilised.

Training Teachers

There has been a significant debate on whether teaching is a talent or learned skilled. Most believe it is a talent born to people. But that doesn’t mean that teachers can’t be taught new skills to make their teaching more effective.

Schools need to be proactive in teacher training. Giving them the necessary skills to improve upon their talents and become experts in the classroom. Experts believe that with just 10 years of disciplined training, this can be achievable.


Environment is an important part of learning. Give a child an environment that stimulates their mind and they will be able to learn more effectively. However, many classrooms don’t take this onboard.

There are many ways that classrooms can improve their environment, from redecorating to giving them a fresh, vibrant look, to adding school canopies to open up outdoor spaces for learning. There are lots of choices, but a change in the environment can make a huge difference.

Research in 2016, for instance, found that within the classroom setting, children learnt best when surrounded by the colours red and yellow rather than pastel colours. But other colours can also have an impact. For instance, blue has been found to improve attendance while green and purple can improve logical and creative thinking.


Schools need to adjust environments and professional development to continue to help students realise their potential. There are some small changes that can make this happen, but without them, children might not leave school with the core skills they need to find work and become effective members of society.

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