Why a Canopy Survey is So Important

Why a Canopy Survey is So Important

When you request a price for one of our canopies, we are able to supply you with an estimate of costs based on the canopy and size of the structure required, however these costs are not exact and a site survey will need to be completed in order to offer a firm quotation.

Why a canopy survey is so important - Able Canopies Ltd.Why does a site survey need to be completed in order to create a fixed quotation?
Well, first things first, we need to measure up the area that you wish to have a canopy installed and then there’s the question of can you have a canopy installed in the specified area? If you are having a wall mounted canopy, are your walls suitable to fit a canopy to? Or are there underground drainage etc. that may affect where posts can be installed? There may be obstructions in the way that will require the canopy to be bespoke or require additional equipment on-site.

There are many questions that need to be answered in order to see whether the area chosen is suitable for the canopy chosen. If it isn’t, we will offer our expert advice and propose the possible alternatives or try to resolve any possible issues by adapting our products to suit your needs.

All of these points need to be established in order to offer you a solid quotation that you can then take to your meeting to discuss your next canopy purchase!

The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy Installed at Stoughton Infant School - Able Canopies Ltd.

Site surveys also avoid the risk of complications on site because we are able to establish any possible issues that may arise such as limited access to site, If we know this in advance we can arrange alternative access areas if need be.

Contact us today for an estimate or to see if you qualify for a free site survey!

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