How to make the most of your canopy in colder weather

How to make the most of your canopy in colder weather

As the chilly weather sets in, the temptation to shift all activities indoors can be strong. However, the great outdoors still holds numerous benefits, and with the right canopy, you can enjoy these advantages even as winter approaches!

Early Years Ideas:

Here are some playful and educational suggestions for “under the canopy” activities for early year students:

Move Outdoor Play Equipment:

Safely relocate outdoor play equipment under the canopy to keep the fun going, even in snowy or icy conditions. A quick inspection ensures a safe play environment.

Natural Resources:

Embrace the beauty of the season by collecting leaves and twigs. Use these treasures for creative collages or as stamps to make captivating designs.

Developing Skills:

Cold weather play offers valuable opportunities for children to learn about bundling up warmly. It also aids in fine motor skill development as they fasten coats and put on scarves and gloves.

Primary and Secondary School Ideas:

Expand your horizons with these outdoor ideas for older students in primary and secondary schools:

Outdoor Lessons:

Encourage students to bundle up and transform the canopy into a wildlife shelter. Explore the local fauna in your playground, introducing lessons on hibernation, migration, and the life cycle of trees. Setting up a weather watch adds an extra layer of learning about the seasons and natural elements.

Outdoor Events:

A canopy provides excellent cover for planned events. Whether hosting a fireworks display or a Christmas fair, consider serving hot treats like soup, hot dogs, or hot chocolate under the canopy. It’s a cosy and weather-proof addition to any outdoor gathering.

Outdoor Seating:

Create a delightful seating area by placing picnic tables or benches under the canopy. This space offers a breath of fresh air and a chance for alfresco dining, even when raindrops are falling.

Enhance Your Canopy:

Take your canopy to the next level with additional features like secure roller shutters, side fills and safety barriers. These extras create a more enclosed space, offering increased shelter from wind and rain. Explore our range of canopy extras here.

So, don’t let the cold weather cramp your style—embrace it! With a well-equipped canopy, the outdoors becomes a year-round playground for all ages.

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