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Canopies for Hospitals and Healthcare Practices

We supply and install high quality shade and shelter structures for hospitals, doctor surgeries, dental practices, care homes, hospices and veterinary practices, all backed by a first-class service.

By adding shade and shelter to your outside space, you will be providing your patients and visitors with a dry, sheltered area in the colder months and a cool, shaded area in the summer months, adding comfort to their visit. To find out how we can help you, please contact us on:
"Very efficient during the installation. No fuss - brilliant work. Delighted to have the canopy. It will be perfect for the children playing outside when the weather is hot. It will be wonderful not having to move the sand and water tray to shaded areas in the play area to keep them from getting too hot (the children!). Parents can spend more time with their children knowing they can sit in the shade watching them play quite happily. Ideal for children on traction not able to get off beds, they can be transported on their beds outside under the shade - perfect!! Many thanks."

Croydon University Hospital - Croydon, London

Jack Johnson - Project Account Manager - Able Canopies Ltd.Hi, can I help at all?

My name is Jack, I’m the Project Account Manager at Able Canopies and I’m here to answer your questions and help you with your healthcare canopy project.

I work with hospitals, care homes, dental surgeries & medical practices regularly and understand the concerns and questions that you may have about your healthcare canopy – 'Will the canopy provide the weather protection required?', 'Can it be installed at a day and time that’s convenient for us?', 'What happens if I need planning assistance?', 'What's included in the price?' and 'What guarantees will I have?'. By choosing Able Canopies as your shade and shelter supplier, you will be in safe hands and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way to reassure you and your colleagues.

To read our existing customer testimonials regarding our products and service, please click here: canopy customer reviews.

We will complete your healthcare canopy, on time, on budget and with minimum disruption. We are fully committed to the highest standards of quality and service delivery. This pledge is supported by independent certifications for service, processes and product quality from organisations such as ISO and CE marked materials.

If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can help you, please contact me directly on 0800 389 9072.

For more information on our commitment to quality click here.
"A very professional and efficient company from begining to end. As a GP surgery, the canopy will help us to serve our patients whilst keeping them safe and dry."

Who We've Worked With

Over the years, we have installed many high-quality, commercial grade canopies and shelters that patients, staff and visitors benefit from at hospitals, care homes, hospices, medical practices and pharmacies across the UK. 

Please see below a selection of the NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations that we have worked with.


Social Distancing Canopies for Medical Practices

Protect Your Patients and Visitors by Extending Your Socially Distanced Seating Capacity with a Covered Outside Waiting Area

If you are looking at ways to keep your patients and visitors socially distanced whilst waiting for their appointments at your practice, look no further, you have stumbled across the perfect solution, take a look at our patient outdoor waiting canopies.

Our canopies are the perfect solution to keeping your outside waiting area covered from the weather. Click here to find out why you should invest in a canopy for medical your practice

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Patient Outdoor Waiting Canopies

Patient Outdoor Waiting Canopies

Extend your waiting room into the outdoors to provide your patients with extra space, keeping a fair distance between them whilst waiting for their appointments.

Outdoor Walkway Canopies

Outdoor Walkway Canopies

Link your existing buildings together cost effectively with a walkway building, providing both shade and shelter all year round to your staff, patients and visitors.

Entrance Canopies for Healthcare

Entrance Canopies for Healthcare

Create a dry comfortable entrance into your building - helping to keep your interior clean and dry, and slip free. This new addition will also lift the faceof  your building to create a welcoming feel and with the simple addition of signage you can easily convey any messages to customers to help them navigate around your site.

Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures

Enhance your outside area with a fabric canopy such as a shade sail, commercial awning or permanent umbrella, to enable your patients and residents to relax and recuperate outside in the fresh air.

Cycle, Waiting and Buggy Shelters

Cycle, Waiting and Buggy Shelters

Adding a cycle, waiting or buggy shelter to your hospital, care home, medical practice or hospice will provide your patients with somewhere to store their bicycles and push chairs whilst visiting your premises. They can also feature integrated seating for use as smoking and waiting shelters.

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Healthcare Canopy Case Studies

St Helier Hospital Entrance Canopy

St Helier Hospital, Surrey

Product Installed: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Click to view the St Helier Hospital Entrance Canopy Case Study >

St Helier Hospital Entrance Canopy

Hillingdon Hospital, London

Product Installed: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Click to view the Hillingdon Hospital Entrance Canopy Case Study >

Canopies for Medical Practices - Ickenham Clinic Ickenham Clinic, London

Product Installed: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Click to view the Ickenham Clinic Canopy Case Study >

Shade Sails for Hospitals - The Kent and Canterbury HospitalThe Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Kent

Product Installed: Able Shade Sail

Click to view the Kent and Canterbury Hospital Shade Sail Case Study >

Canopies for Care Homes - Blackpool Centre for Independent LivingBlackpool Centre for Independent Living, Lancashire

Product Installed: The Ulverston Umbrella

Click to view the Blackpool Centre for Independent Living Canopy Case Study >

Awnings for Hospitals - Croydon University HospitalCroydon University Hospital, Surrey

Product Installed: Palladio Commercial Awning

Click to view the Croydon University Hospital Awning Case Study >

Canopies for Hospitals - Wexham Hospital, BerkshireWexham Hospital, Berkshire

Product Installed: Welford Dome Entrance Canopy

Click to view the Wexham Hospital Canopy Case Study >

Canopies for Medical Practices - Princes Plain ClinicPrinces Plain Clinic & Willows Clinic, Kent

Products Installed: Two Easydale Buggy Shelters

Click to view the Princes Plain Clinic & Willows Clinic Shelter Case Study >

Canopies for Hospitals - Burnley General HospitalBurnley General Hospital, Lancashire

Product Installed: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Click to read the Burnley General Hospital Canopy Case Study >

Hospital Canopy - Colchester General Hospital, EssexColchester General Hospital, Essex

Product Installed: Kensington Junior Entrance Canopy

Click to view the Colchester General Hospital Canopy Case Study >

Canopies for Hospitals - Solihull HospitalSolihull Hospital, West Midlands

Product Installed: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

Click here to view the Solihull Hospital Canopy Case Study >

Entrance Canopies for Care Homes - Eastbourne HomesEastbourne Homes, East Sussex

Product Installed: Ullswater Apex Entrance Canopy

Click to view the Eastbourne Homes Canopy Case Study >

To find out how we can help you create comfortable
outdoor areas to benefit your healthcare environment
contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Canopies for Hospitals, Medical Practices, Care Homes and Hospices

Here are just a handful of reasons why a covered outdoor area is a great idea for hospitals, medical practices care homes and hospices: 

  1. Hospital Canopies - Free Standing Entrance CanopyPatients can gain fresh air and gentle exercise with a stroll around the area, improving their general well being
  2. An outside area offers a quiet and calm place to think, relax and re-charge – great for both patients, residents, staff and visitors
  3. Enjoy some sunshine – patients can top up their vitamin D levels and enjoy the fresh air away
  4. An outdoor area is the perfect place for children to play or watch nature; whether it is a child patient or visiting children
  5. An outside area allows those in your care to connect with wildlife, nature and the outdoors which again promotes feelings of well being.

Why Invest in a Healthcare Canopy?

  • A canopy provides a cool area to sit and relax on hot sunny days when the indoors becomes stuffy and uncomfortable
  • A canopy creates a shaded area that can be used to gain shade from the sun as well as shelter from the rain 
  • A canopy also makes a great covered entrance area, creating a welcoming space which helps define the entrance to your building
  • Dry linkways can be created with walkway canopies, ensuring patients, staff and visitors can walk around your site whilst keeping protected from the weather
Click here to read our Healthcare Canopies Blog for newly completed installations, inspiration and advice.

Cycle and Buggy Shelters for Healthcare Settings

Cycle shelters and buggy shelters offer a safe and secure place for your visitors and patients to store their costly cycles and prams when they are visiting your care home or health centre. They avoid the cluttering of pushchairs and bikes and reduces the risk of trip hazards, keeping your outside area safe and tidy. Our most popular shelter is the Easydale which can be supplied with buggy bars for use as a buggy shelter or with cycle racks for use as a cycle shelter. Princes Plain Clinic in Bromley, London had a 3-bay Easydale Buggy Shelter installed to provide a safe and sheltered buggy parking area for their patients. View more information about this installation >

"Great company with great installers... conscientious and tidy."

- Foley Ltd. Re: Croydon University Hospital, Surrey

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