St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School

St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School, Clwyd                 

Product: Devoke Junior Free Standing Canopy
Size: 8m x 4m
Roof Panels: 16mm structured polycarbonate
Frame Colour: Sky Blue - RAL 5015
Installed: September 2012

The Brief
St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School were in need of a weatherproof covered area to enable their children to play outside in all weather conditions. They were recommended to us by Wrexham County Borough Council and contacted us in July 2012, requesting a quotation for a free standing canopy.

The Solution
St Peter's Church in Wales Primary School - Free Standing Canopy InstallationThey viewed our product range and were drawn to the design of the Devoke Junior Free Standing Canopy. The Devoke Junior is a cost effective free standing canopy structure that protects those underneath from all weather conditions such as rain and UV rays from the Sun. It has a strong steel frame that can be galvanised and/or powder coated and is covered with a choice of 5mm solid or 16mm structured polycarbonate roof panels.

The staff at St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School chose the Devoke Junior because it offered everything that they were looking for in a canopy including the two most important features which were the option to colour the canopy to match their existing aesthetics and high UV protection.

We powder coated the canopy Sky Blue (RAL 5015) by colour matching the colour of the school’s existing exterior features such as the window and door frames and hand rails.
St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School - Free Standing Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.

The Installation
The meet the school’s requirements, we installed the canopy as close to the building as possible and manufactured the height at the rear of the canopy to be the exact same height as the existing building to enable the canopy to fit in with the building as if it were part of it.

The school felt that their new canopy blended in brilliantly with the original building and they were pleased with how friendly and cooperative our installers were.

St Peter's Church in Wales Primary School - Before Canopy Installation

Above: Before Canopy Installation
St Peter's Church in Wales Primary School - After Canopy Installation

Above: After Canopy Installation

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