Cantonian High School Case Study

Cantonian High School, Cardiff

Product: Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Colour: Hipca White
Canopy Size: 68.58m x 6m
Estimated Value: £67,000
Installation Date: March 2017

Wall Mounted Canopy - Cantonian High School, CardiffThe Brief
Cantonian High School in Fairwater, Cardiff were in the process of having some Portakabin buildings installed and required a large canopy that would provide a covered walkway along the length of their Textiles, Food Tech, Drama and Learning Centre classrooms.

Portakabin requested a price from us as we work closely with them, offering their clients shade and shelter solutions that fit perfectly with their temporary buildings.

The school required the canopy to be 68.58m long with a projection of 6m, as mentioned above to cover a number of classrooms.

The Solution
The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy was proposed as the ideal solution as it covered the customer’s needs. It has a maximum projection of up to 6m, can be any length and offers high UV protection to those underneath including shelter from the rain.

The school was happy with the design put forward by Able Canopies and Portakabin and placed an order for a 68.58m x 6m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy.

As the canopy was 68.58m long in total, it would take longer than usual to be installed and the installation was therefore scheduled for a total 13 days during March 2017.

Wall Mounted Canopy - Cantonian High School, Cardiff
Wall Mounted Canopy - Cantonian High School, Cardiff

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