2023’s Most Popular Canopy

2023’s Most Popular Canopy

Last year (2023), we supplied and installed many canopies across the UK for all different sectors including schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, holiday parks, and much more. However, every year there is always one canopy that stands out with the most installations that all sectors love. Of course, it’s the Coniston Canopy.

In 2023, we installed a total of 123 Coniston canopies at 98 different sites, in 2 different countries and 31 different counties. And that doesn’t include all the other canopies and shelters we installed over the year. Continue reading to view the statistics in full.

The Total Length of Coniston Canopies Installed in 2023

As mentioned above, we installed a total of 123 Coniston canopies in 2023, and the total length of those canopies combined is a whopping 1,276 metres! That’s’ just over twice the height of the Shanghai Tower in China and 448 metres longer than the height of (almost double) the Burj Khalifa in Dubai; the worlds tallest building.

Take a look at the diagram below to view the comparison below of last years Coniston Installations and the worlds tallest buildings, to give you an idea of the magnitude of the total length installed.

UK Counties Where We Installed the Coniston Canopy in 2023

In 2023, we installed the Coniston in two different countries; England and Wales, and in 31 different counties as shown below. The most popular areas for the Coniston canopy were Essex, London, South Glamorgan and the West Midlands.

Take a look at the map below to discover what percentage of the total Coniston canopies were installed near you in 2023.

Customer Sectors That Purchased the Coniston Canopy in 2023

51% of the total Coniston canopies installed in 2023 came from direct customers such as schools, healthcare and hospitality, 28% came from architects and contractors, and 21% came from councils working on projects within their local authority.

The pie chart below shows the different customer sectors in a visual format.

End User Sectors That Had the Coniston Canopy Installed in 2023

The education sector including schools, nurseries and colleges were the biggest fans of our Coniston canopy in 2023, taking up 88% of total orders for the year. We also installed the Coniston canopy for organisations in the healthcare, leisure, non-for-profit, industrial sectors and the MOD.

View the image below to see the stats in a pie chart format to see how they compare.


Impressed by how popular the Coniston is? Did you know that the Coniston can be installed as either a wall mounted canopy, or a freestanding canopy, which is one of the reasons why its so popular however, it’s not the only reason, check out a selection of the Coniston canopy’s benefits below:

  • Cost effective design without compromising on quality
  • Manufactured from a naturally rust resistant aluminium frame
  • Integrated guttering for a sleek appearance and minimal maintenance
  • Covered with polycarbonate roof panels that are vandal and shatter resistant and will not turn yellow from sun exposure
  • Protects persons underneath from over 98% of harmful UV rays
  • Can be manufactured to fit around your building’s internal and external corners, as well as accommodating obstructions
  • The Coniston canopy can be installed in any length, there are no limits and it has a maximum projection of up to 6 metres
  • Can be wall mounted or free standing to suit your requirements
  • Is supplied with a full 10 year guarantee and up to a 25 year life expectancy.

If you’d like to see the stats for Coniston canopy installations in previous years, click here to discover the total length of Coniston canopies we installed in 2022.

Or, to find out more about the Coniston, you can contact us, download our brochure, or download the Coniston specification guide below:

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