Canopies for Restaurants

Canopies for Restaurants

As I’m sitting here tapping away on my laptop, the sun is shining through the windows and the guys on the local radio station are talking about children enjoying the start of their Easter holidays at the beach. It’s only March so it may not a big deal that we’ve hit the hottest day of the year so far however, it is pretty hot out there and they have just announced that it’s officially the hottest March day since 1968.

Why am I telling you this? Because for parents and adults alike, we don’t want to cook in a stuffy kitchen when the weather is as glorious as this. We want to soak it up and enjoy it and that means we’d much rather have our lunch or dinner at a restaurant, preferably sitting outside breathing in the warm, fresh air that excitedly screams ‘summer is on its way’.

So here comes my question, can you offer your guests the outdoor space they’re craving? At the time of writing this, we’re still not able to enjoy a dinner cooked for us by our favourite local chef however, when the doors do finally open, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be busier than you’ve ever been. As the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you, got ‘til it’s gone’.

It’s therefore important that (if you can), you create an outdoor space with tables and chairs so your guests can relish in the alfresco dining experience they’re longing for. We live in the UK, right? So, what happens if we have a sudden downpour, which let’s be fair, happens quite often with our famously ever-changing weather. That’s where we come in, you’ll need a canopy and a standard sun umbrella just won’t do. A commercial canopy is well worth the investment; you won’t need to take it down in the rain or wind, the maintenance is minimal and they last for years; many of our structures features 25 years life expectancies; by the time you’ve retired, your restaurant canopy will most probably still be going strong.

Our most popular canopies for restaurants are our Tarnhow Timber Canopy range and ‘everyone’s favourite’ the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy. Depending on your budget, we are bound to have a canopy that fits.
Why choose us? Our canopies provide protection from the sun, creating a shaded, cooler area underneath which is very much appreciated in the height of summer and they also provide shelter from the rain, so no matter what the weather, your guests can enjoy their meals without interruption. We are a professional, trusted company that has been supplying and installing commercial grade for over 18 years. We hold all the relevant health and safety and quality management certifications so you know that you can reply on us to make sure your canopy buying experience is an enjoyable one.

If you’re interested making the most out of your outdoor space by turning it into a more profitable area and attracting more guests, give us a call on 0800 389 9072 or email

Able Canopies Ltd. help customers to create comfortable covered outdoor eating and seating areas at restaurants, public houses, hotels and cafés across the UK. Our products include canopies, shade sails, awnings and cycle shelters.
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