Cycle Shelters Vs Cycle Compounds

Cycle Shelters Vs Cycle Compounds

If you’re considering a sheltered cycle parking solution but are not sure which is best for you can use this simple diagram to find out which is your best option. Alternatively give our friendly Sales Advisors a call and they will go through all your requirements in detail to find the perfect solution for you.

What cycle shelter is right for me?

Small Cycle Shelters:

We have 3 small cycle shelters in our range

The Easydale Cycle ShelterThe Easydale
A cost effective space saving option with a stylish curved design, also available as a buggy or waiting shelter.
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The Witton Wall Mounted Cycle ShelterThe Witton Wall Mount
A steel cycle shelter with a contemporary design that provides parking for up to 10 bikes.
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Grasmere Timber Clad Cycle ShelterThe Grasmere
A classic shelter design which can be clad with polycarbonate or for modern twist add stylish timber cladding.
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Large Cycle Shelters:

The Langdale Cycle ShelterThe Langdale
The smaller of our two large Cycle Shelters the Langdale has a space saving design to offer parking for 20 bicycles for those who have limited space. This shelter can easily be extended by 2 metre bays to match your parking requirements.
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Free Standing Witton Cycle ShelterFree Standing Witton Cycle Shelter
This cycle shelter offers a more spacious shelter than the Langdale, with a 4100mm width. A modern design featuring curved steel sections creates an eye catching shelter, ideal for adding a contemporary twist to any site.
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Cycle Compounds:

The Easydale Cycle CompoundEasydale Compound
A cost conscious option for organisations who wish to provide secure gated cycle parking.
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The Witton Cycle CompoundThe Witton Compound
A stylish and compact compound which offered complete coverage for bikes. This compound is completed enclosed offering maximum security for bikes.
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