Don’t Let the Weather Lose You Business

Don’t Let the Weather Lose You Business

Chessington Dining Canopy - The Ulverston UmbrellaIf you own a visitor attraction, you will have noticed that the weather conditions dramatically affects the volume of visitors that attends your attraction.

If the weather is poor with rain and winds, visitors may put off their visit or go somewhere that is undercover instead – avoiding your business altogether. By offering plenty of shelter on your grounds, visitors will be much more likely to visit as they know they can gain shelter when needed.

If a sudden downpour occurs whilst visitors are onsite, they will be more likely to go home, but the weather may well clear up and the right shelter will offer a place for visitors to wait until the weather does pass, keeping them on your site to enjoy their day.

Covered seating areas by food kiosks, will encourage visitors to stop off for a drink or something to eat whilst the weather passes or so they can cool down, bringing in more business and again keeping them onsite.

Willows Farm, Hertfordshire Picnic Canopy - The Ulverston Junior Umbrella

The sun can also affect the amount of visitors as if it is too hot, they will decided to go home to cool down, especially those with young children or elderly adults in their group. Canopies offer protection from the sun and create a cool, pleasant place underneath to cool down.

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