Installation Focus: Telferscot Primary School, Balham, London

Installation Focus: Telferscot Primary School, Balham, London

We all know the importance of a canopy to increase the playing and educational area of your school and classrooms during wetter and colder periods of the year. That is why BRM Associates approached us with a project to add a school canopy at one of the schools they look after.

We’ve worked with BRM Associates on a number of projects, so they understood the range and quality of the products that we can supply to their clients for a good price. After an initial consultation, we supplied, and they installed a Bespoke Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy.

This created an aesthetically pleasing canopy area that increased the outdoor area that was covered and protected from bad weather. This was especially important for safety, as the area included some steps that need to be kept as dry as possible to prevent slips on them.

The Bespoke Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy

The Bespoke Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy is a great product for schools. While the one installed at Telferscot Primary School was 3.2 metres by 7.3 metres, they can span up to five metres away from a building but be as long as needed.

The protection they offer is great, with more than 98% of harmful UV rays blocked from reaching those underneath the cover. In addition, the covered area is protected from rain, snow and other precipitation, creating a safe and dry area to spend time outdoors. Equipment left under the canopy is also protected from damage caused by the weather and the UV rays of the sun (like colours fading).

The canopy is super strong, perfect for use in a playground setting. The roof panels can be either 5mm or 16mm thick but are both vandal and shatter resistant, just in case a football hits them! In addition, the 5mm solid polycarbonate panels have a high fire resistance, and have been tested and comply with European standards.

While the installation at this school was white, the canopy can be supplied in any standard RAL colour. Other non-standard RAL colours are available, but you need to request them before ordering.

If you would like to know more about this installation or would like a similar product for your school. Then contact our friendly sales team, who can help you out.

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