Canopies that cover SEN School Requirements.

Canopies that cover SEN School Requirements.

All schools have strict health and safety rules they have to abide by for the safety of their pupils. But when it comes to SEN schools, there are further essential requirements that need to be followed in order to make sure the environment is safe and easy to use for all pupils. This is not only for their safety but to ensure they feel valued and important and that their disability is not an inconvenience.

Everyone, no matter what situation they are in are important and its essential that children with disabilities are able to live a regular life as much as possible without extra help to enable them to feel they fit in and like they aren’t different at are many methods, equipment and alterations that can be put into place in a school to ensure this happens. Weather protection is important in any establishment that children will be playing outside as it not only enables children to play outside all year round and keep them active but it also offers solar protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our canopies are perfect for SEN schools and I have listed the different types of canopies that work great for all different environments and situations.

  1. Very Low Mobility – If children that use wheelchairs attend your school, the ideal canopy solution would be an Ulverston Umbrella as it has only 1 post in the centre or a Codale Conic which has 4 posts but can cover larges areas so there are large spans between posts. Commercial Awnings are also perfect as they have no posts and can be retracted when not required.
  1. ADHD and Autism – Children with ADHD and Autism can be very active and require lots of free space to run around within and not feel restricted. We offer many large canopies that are available with post protection pads to avoid any bumps or accidents. The Welford Dome is a large steel canopy that covers large areas or you could go for one of our attractive Tarnow timber canopies that feature stunning curved timber beams.

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  1. SEN in Nurseries – Our Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy enables you to link the inside to the outside by creating shelter directly above your entrance doors, offering free flow play without any disruption.
  1. SEN Breakout Area – Many children with disabilities and also those without disabilities will need to have a quite area they can go to when they feel a little overwhelmed and would like to be alone. A canopy of any style or design can be perfect for this, side fills (with full visibility) and safety barriers can be added to the Coniston to break the canopy into sections to provide different areas for different activities.

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Able Canopies have provided many different styles of Canopies to SEN schools and always work with schools to create a safe area for their use.

Download our brochure for more information about our products or call us to find out how we can work with you to create the prefect shade and shelter solution for your SEN school.

Download our canopy shelter and shade sail brochure

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