5 signs you should invest in a cycle compound

5 signs you should invest in a cycle compound

With cycling becoming more and more popular, schools, retail parks and city centres are finding there is a greater need for allocated cycle parking, to promote and support this green mode of transport.

Cycle Compounds offer secure parking for multiple bikes, and are very popular with universities and colleges, which often have a large amount of cyclists; inner city schools also find these useful to ensure all their pupils bikes are kept safe. When considering improving your cycle parking facilities we encourage our customers to assess their current provision and also consider future expansion capabilities. These are our top 5 signs you should invest in a cycle compound.

1. If you have overflowing shelters with bikes crammed onto cycle racks
If you find that your current cycle shelter is overflowing and children are leaving their bikes around the shelters causing trip hazards then you need some new cycle storage space!

In this situation there are two options; you could either invest in a large cycle compound to replace your current structures or purchase an additional shelter to be situated near your existing shelter.

cardiff-high-school-easydale-cycle-compound small2. If your site suffers from vandalism or theft
Have you received a number of reports of theft or vandalism to bikes? Did you know that cycle compounds have proven to reduce bike thefts!

In fact, Cardiff High School in South Wales were experiencing a number of bike thefts. However, 1 month after installation, the school had received no reports of theft or vandalism to cycles!

3. If you have no designated parking areas and find that bikes are causing trip hazards
If you do not currently have any designated cycle parking areas, then you may be finding that children are leaving their cycles parked in numerous places and some may not be safe.

A cycle compound will create a safe, secure and sheltered area where pupils can leave their bikes, giving the children and parents peace of mind that their bikes are safe and also giving you peace of mind that bikes will not be causing hazards in the school grounds.

4. If you are receiving complaints about wet bikes
You may have some cycle racks installed yet no shelter to protect the bikes. If this is the case, then your pupil’s bikes may be secure, but they will find that if it has been raining their bikes will be wet and this may put them off biking to school in the future.

royal-school-of-military-engineering-witton-cycle-compound 02 smallCycling to school is something that is highly encouraged and by offering a shelter for your pupil’s bikes, you will encourage them brilliantly as their bikes will remain safe and dry all day.

5. If you have too many cars in the area & would like to encourage cycling
If, like many school’s you find that the school roads and car parks become dangerous during school drop off and pick up times and would like to reduce the school traffic, then have you considered a cycle shelter or compound?

Shelters and compounds will encourage cycling to school, not only to pupils as their bikes will be kept dry and safe. But also to parents because bikes can be costly items and they would feel relaxed knowing that their children’s bikes will return home in one piece at the end of the school day. Cycle compounds offer this peace of mind and if more pupils cycle to school you will notice less traffic on the roads and the children will be leading a healthier lifestyle!

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