Tensile Canopies: Fun, Bright, Safe and Strong

Tensile Canopies: Fun, Bright, Safe and Strong

It’s no secret that the last year has highlighted the importance of time spent outdoors; it’s safer compared to time spent indoors when it comes to avoiding viruses, it has a positive impact on our mental health and it keeps our physical bodies healthy too. So, what better time is there than now to improve your outdoor area and transform it into a pleasant space that can be enjoyed all year round, no matter what the weather has to offer.

With the brighter, warmer weather on its way, adults and children alike will be looking for cooler areas to gain shade from the beating hot sun. And on the other end of the spectrum, when the weather turns rainy, a canopy will ensure your outdoor plans are not ruined and you can continue to make the most of your outside space all year round.

It’s All About the Fabric

Today, we’re featuring our fabric canopies because they’re fun, bright, safe and strong and we all need a little of that after the year we’ve had!

Free Standing Waterproof Fabric Canopies

With six structures to choose from within our waterproof fabric canopy range, you are sure to find a design that fits perfectly in your outside area. These canopies are all permanent structures that have been designed to withstand the British weather all year round and provide protection from both the rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Commercial Umbrellas

Our Commercial Umbrellas are perfect for smaller areas, particularly for outside dining; whilst our structures are permanent and designed for use all year round, the Richmond, Drayton and Blenheim Umbrellas can all be collapsed when shade and shelter are not required. Depending on the product chosen, our umbrellas are all waterproof or water resistant and provide high UV protection from the sun.

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Sun Shade Sails

Our Shade Sails are fun, bight structures that are now available with dual fabric so you can have two fabric colours on one sail. Unlike our tensile structures, our Shade Sails are not waterproof and only provide protection from the sun, they also require installation over two phases as the posts need to be set before the fabric can be fitted and tensioned. They are, however, permanent structures that provide high UV protection from the sun.

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Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof Shade Sails offer the best of both worlds, if you’d like a shade sail yet, require cover from the rain as well as the sun, you’ve found your ideal product here. There’s two products to choose from including the Banbury which has more of a traditional shade sail design with a frame that follows the shape of the sails and the other is the Evershade which has a full frame and the sails appear to float within the frame. Both products are permanent structures that are fully waterproof and are designed for all year-round weather protection from both the sun and rain.

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Heating and lighting can be added to many of our waterproof tensile fabric structures for added comfort during the summer evenings and on colder days to extend their use.

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