Tips For Holding Classes Outside

Tips For Holding Classes Outside

Social distancing and schools sound like a challenge that is hard to solve. Especially as classes are being told to be limited to just 15 students in each. However, utilising outdoor spaces effectively can be a simple solution that allows more children to return to your setting and social distancing to be observed.

So, here are some tips for holding classes outside.

1. Tailor The Learning
Outdoor teaching isn’t going to be the same as learning inside a classroom. You’re going to have to create lessons that are more applicable to the outdoors. This could include doing more reading, science, drama, music, history and geography.

It might not be possible to take all the tables outside, because they might need to be used to help with social distancing inside. So you want to focus on lessons which don’t require lots of writing on a desk.

2. Regularly Rotate Who’s Outside
Classes should be regularly rotated so children spend some time outside and sometime in the classroom. The classroom work should be focused on the learning of vital core skills like writing and maths where desks are important.

Research has found that regularly changing the environment can improve productivity. Therefore, this might be a good opportunity to catch up on missed learning during the lockdown.

3. Protection
While the easement of the lockdown is happening in the summer months, there is still the chance of rain. Plus long periods in the sun isn’t very safe for anyone. That’s why classes outside should still be held under some cover, like a school canopy.

However, this is an excellent time to teach children about sun safety and how they can stay safe.

4. Be Creative
Children love lessons outdoors because they can be fun, interesting and very active. So embrace those elements and be creative in how you teach children while outside. Perhaps you can do some maths with younger years with traffic cones that teaches them how to count in one’s, two’s and more.

Or, perhaps you could introduce some art that includes using natural items like twigs, leaves, etc.? There’s lots of ideas on our outdoor learning blog.

For the foreseeable future, classrooms are going to look very different. So, why not embrace this time? According to studies 92% of children prefer learning outdoors and 85% of teachers have found that outdoor learning improves student behaviour. With some small tweaks, you can make learning outdoors a time when learning is highly productive.

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