What to consider when making your canopy choice

What to consider when making your canopy choice

Choosing a canopy for your school or academy could be a daunting prospect as there are many different canopy styles, materials and options to assess and evaluate. This brief guide is intended to help you start that process and narrow down your choices to an effective list that will help you get the product you need for your organisation. It is a series of blog posts of which this is the first. The others will follow over the next 2 weeks.

The first thing to think about is how will the canopy be used?

For example, will it be providing cover between two buildings? Then there are particular canopies that will work best for you, allowing you to cover the space in a cost-efficient way.

If the project is more ambitious, for example, if you are looking to cover a large space that can then be used for dining, meeting, outdoor learning or even events, then you will need to think more about items such supporting posts and how they could impact on the flow of people underneath the canopy.

Another important consideration at this stage is the provision of UV protection, especially for younger children. School canopies can do much more than protect from rain and snow.

You will also need to think about how the canopy will fit in with the available space and surrounding buildings. What are the access points? How will the canopy be fixed? For example, is it possible to fix back to an existing building or will the canopy need to be free standing? How will the new canopy fit in with the site overall, do materials need to blend in or stand out?

You can then think about the materials that might work for the frame and roofing.

The Frame:

For the construction of your canopy there will be choices that you can make between the following options:

Aluminium is used in our most popular canopies. It offers a strong, durable framework and has a 10-year guarantee.

Steel is strong and can be galvanised for ultimate corrosion protection. It provides a modern look to the finished canopy.

Timber and Glulam curved timber is the ideal choice to give a contemporary feel and a cost effective option for large spaces. All timber supplied by Able Canopies is sourced from sustainable sources.

Roof Panels:

Polycarbonate roof panels are the most popular choice for canopy roofing systems. They are a cost effective, safe and high-quality roofing solution.

Glass roof panels are ideal for both modern settings and traditional buildings. Our glass panels are made from 10.8mm toughened glass which is durable and has excellent acoustic properties, reducing the noise from heavy downpours.

Shade Sail Fabric
Shade Sail Fabric is a great covering for a canopy to provide effective UV protection where full waterproof cover is not required.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels allow you to turn your canopy into an energy generating and financially beneficial asset. They are stylish and provide effective weather protection along with the sustainable technology that will allow you to meet CSR commitments.

Waterproof Tensile Fabric
Waterproof Tensile Fabric is a durable roof covering which offers high UV protection, a waterproof shelter and has a modern, sleek look with a consistently smooth appearance.

When you get to this point with your evaluation you can then move on to other details such as roof pitches, colours and finishes or specific UV protection. For more information and guidance on these areas you can download our Good Canopy Guide here.