Your Dream Canopy is Possible – Even with Restricted Budgets

Your Dream Canopy is Possible – Even with Restricted Budgets

Do you have the ultimate, dream canopy in mind but have discovered that your budget doesn’t cover it? That’s not a problem with Able Canopies. Because our canopies are made bespoke to your requirements and are all made to order, we can add to them when your new budgets are released, and you therefore have the spare funds.

Similarly, if you invest in a canopy and find that the canopy is so well used that you’d like to extend it or add extras to it such as side panels for extra coverage, that’s also possible. Our canopies are not final, once it’s installed, we can still add to it, so you end up with the perfect shade and shelter solution. We understand that like most situations, it’s hard to know what you need during the initial planning stage.

School Outdoor Dining Canopy in Birmingham

Here’s a great example of an academy in Birmingham who invested in a Coniston Free Standing Canopy and found that they need additional weather protection from driving rain and wind. They therefore contacted us two years after the installation of their canopy so they could have canopy side and front panels added to enclose the canopy, adding further protection from the wet and windy weather.

The canopy was used for outdoor dining and the side and front panels therefore gives the extra protection needed to encourage students to use the canopy more, freeing up much needed space in their dining room.

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School Canopy Extensions

As mentioned above, we can also extend your canopy at a later date depending on the canopy installed. The Coniston for example, which can be a free-standing canopy or a wall mounted canopy, can be extended no problem. In fact, we have extended it many times, including at The Hermitage School in Surrey where we first installed a canopy in 2017, which we then extended a year later, then a year after that we installed another canopy, which we extended another 4 years later.

This goes to show that the staff at The Hermitage School are very sensible when it comes to making the most of their school budgets. They know that although they may not be able to afford the large canopy they need at the beginning, they can opt for a smaller canopy, as some cover is better than none, and then extend to the desired length when budgets allow. This leaves them with the perfect shade and shelter solution without having to wait many years without any weather protection at all.

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