Just Learning Day Nursery

Wall Mounted Canopy - Just Learning Day Nursery Just Learning Day Nursery, London

Product: Two Welford Dome and one Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Size: Welford Dome: 19m x 4.5m and 8m x 2m Coniston: 9m x 3.4m
Estimated Value: £41,000

Early Learners Day Nursery required a number of canopies to provide shelter along various points of their nursery.

They contacted Able Canopies asking for a site survey to be carried out explaining that they had been awarded funding from their local council and needed four quotes from four different companies.

Able Canopies were happy to send out their surveyor to survey the site and then the quoting team in the office could provide the nursery with a competitive quote outlining the benefits that our canopies and service provides.

Early Learners were originally interested in a number of freestanding canopies and 2 awnings, yet once they had looked through Able Canopies brochure they requested quotes for a free standing dome canopy, a wall mounted canopy and an awning.

Once the nursery had received all quotes needed, they evaluated each once and decided to go ahead with Able Canopies, ordering one Coniston wall mounted canopy and two freestanding Welford Dome canopies.

Just Learning Day nursery required planning permission before the canopies could be installed. Able Canopies were able to help with this as they provide a service that is free of charge to help you with any planning permission required.

The canopies were installed on time, with no problems along the way.

Free Standing Welford Dome Canopy - Just Learning Day Nursery

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