Thundersley Primary School

Thundersley Primary School, Essex 

Product: Ullswater Apex Walkway

Size: Various Total Length 46m
Additional Options: Tarmac Ground Works and
Posts Powder Coated Grey
Estimated Value: £60,000

The Brief
The staff at Thundersley Primary School required a large, versatile walkway canopy at their school to create a covered pathway between two of the school's buildings. This covered walkway would allow pupils and staff to travel easily between the two buildings whilst providing shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Due to the location of the two buildings, the walkway needed to incorporate two corners in order to link the buildings effectively.

The Solution
Due to the specific requirements of this project, Able Canopies recommended the Ullswater Apex free standing walkway which is an attractive and versatile structure that offers effective coverage and can be designed to incorporate corners. The customer was happy with this design and so an Able Canopies surveyor visited the site to perform a full site specific survey to evaluate the school's requirements in detail.

Ullswater Apex Walkway - Thundersley Primary School During the survey our surveyor noted that the ground was uneven which would require the walkway to be constructed to varying heights. To overcome this challenge our Engineering team proposed to construct the canopy to the required height variations by adding steps in the steel between the walkway sections to make certain that the walkways were fully connected and would maintain full all-weather protection with no gaps.

Prior to installing the walkway, planning permission needed to be sought and Able Canopies were able to help with this. When the school had first contacted Able Canopies they had explained that they were very interested in our free planning assistance and so once Thundersley School had ordered the canopy Able Canopies contacted the school's local council on their behalf and submitted the planning application documents that were required. Able Canopies are happy to help customers with any planning issues and will submit all required documents on a customer's behalf to help ensure that purchasing a structure from Able Canopies is smooth and hassle free.

Ullswater Apex Walkway - Thundersley Primary School Thundersley Primary School had arranged to fund the walkway via county funding which, as part of its terms, gave a deadline for the funding to be used by. This meant that the timing of the walkway installation was crucial; if the canopy was not installed in time the school would not be granted the funding. Unfortunately, planning permission for the walkway was delayed and it became evident this would cause the funding deadline to be missed. To overcome this issue Able Canopies contacted the funding agency to explain the situation and as a result the deadline was extended to allow for this delay in planning.

To ensure that this new deadline was met, Able Canopies arranged all aspects of the canopy installation to be ready within four weeks of the planning permission being granted. The planning permission was successfully granted within the extended deadline and as Able Canopies had prepared for installation in advance, the walkway was successfully installed within four weeks, allowing the school to receive their funding.

Ullswater Apex Walkway - Thundersley Primary School

In addition to installing the walkway the school also needed tarmac laid for underneath the walkway as the current base was not suitable. Able Canopies arranged for a surfacing contractor to complete the laying of the tarmac and liaised with them though the whole process as it was important that the new tarmac path followed the layout of the canopy.

The installation of the walkway was completed with no problems and the school was very pleased with the end result and the efforts made by Able Canopies.

"Team on site fantastic - professional and extremely helpful.” – Thundersley Primary School Deputy Head Teacher

Ullswater Apex Walkway - Thundersley Primary School

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