Outdoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers for Schools

Outdoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers for Schools


Our Outdoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers are perfect for use in primary schools. They have a fun and friendly design which features our superhero Shade Man, so not only does he keep children safe from the sun, he can keep them socially distanced too.

Social distancing is important throughout the entire nation however, it can be tricky to keep children apart from their friends, particularly when they can’t see them as often as they used to. Using a superhero, friendly design, children may be more encouraged to stick to using the social distancing floor stickers which in turn, will help teachers implement the distancing measures much more easily.

These stickers are strong and durable and can be applied to multiple outdoor surfaces and we can apply your outdoor social distancing floor stickers for you at the time of installing your canopy at no extra cost*.

They are perfect for a school environment as they feature an anti-slip resistance to the R12 rating and benefit from B1 and M1 fire certifications. They are also easy to remove once they are no longer required.

Please Note: Our Outdoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers are only available with our canopies.
They are free with every social distancing canopy or shelter purchase*, please see the specifications tab for further details. If you require more than the complimentary quantity, we are happy to provide you with a cost for additional quantities of our anti-slip outdoor social distancing floor stickers. Please call us on 0800 389 9072, or email sales@ablecanopies.co.uk

*Please see the specifications tab for terms and conditions of the free social distancing floor stickers for schools offer.

If you have any questions, or to find out if you qualify for a Free Site Survey contact us today
  • Free with Your Canopy Purchase – The quantity you receive will depend on the length of the canopy; we will supply enough to fill the length of the canopy with 2m spacings in-between each social distancing floor sticker
  • Additional Stickers Available – If you require more than the complimentary amount, we can provide a cost. Please note, you can only order the stickers with a canopy order, we do not supply them as a product alone.
  • Size – Circular design with a 300mm diameter
  • Anti-Slip Resistance – To make them safe for use in schools, the floor stickers feature a R12 anti slip resistance rating
  • Fire Resistance – The social distancing floor stickers benefit from B1 and M1 fire certifications
  • Free Installation – Because the stickers are only available with our canopies, we can apply them for you at the time of the canopy installation hoewver, due to current demand, we cannot guarantee the stickers will be installed at the time of the canopy
  • Fun, Child Friendly Design – The fun superhero Shade Man design makes these floor stickers child friendly and will help encourage children to stick to the social distancing requirements
  • For Outdoor Use – Our free social standing floor stickers for schools are for outdoor use and can be applied to multiple external floor surfaces.
  • Life Expectancy - 12 months

Installation Instructions

If we are not able to install the sticker at the time of the canopy instalaltion, they are quick nd easy to apply yourself as shown below:

  1. Clean the area where the social distancing floor sticker will be placed with a brush.
  2. Ensure the surface is completely dry.
  3. Peel one inch of backing paper away and apply to your floor surface.
  4. Carefully rub a squeegee over the area of the sticker that is already stuck to the ground to remove any bubbles or possible creases, and make sure it has gripped the surface well.
  5. You can then slowly peel away the rest of the sticker little by little, continuing to use the squeegee as you go.
  6. Once you have completely removed the backing paper, rub over it to ensure it has stuck in all areas. The use of a heat gun may help to adhere the sticker to the surface, please use with caution.
  7. Do not allow anyone to stand on the stickers until 24 hours after the application.

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. The free stickers are only available with a canopy order for a school, nursery or other educational setting placed on or after 1st June 2020 until we remove this offer.
  2. The amount of free social distancing floor stickers you receive, will depend on the size of the canopy you order. For example, a 10m canopy will require 6 social distancing stickers when placed 2 meters apart so we will supply 6 stickers free of charge. A 20 metre canopy will require 11 stickers and you will therefore receive 11 stickers free of charge.
  3. If you require more than the complimentary amount for your size canopy, please contact us for a cost.
  4. You must state at the time of ordering if you would like to receive the free stickers and if you would like a cost for additional stickers.
  5. Due to current demand, we cannot guarantee the stickers will be installed at the time of the canopy. However these come pre-glued and are easily installed (see sticker installation instructions) Please be advised the stickers may not adhere fully to all surfaces and Able Canopies cannot be held responsible for any sticker installation issues.
  6. Able Canopies reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.
  7. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  8. The offer cannot be exchanged for a cash or voucher alternative.
Once the stickers have been stuck to your ground surface, we cannot take responsibility for damage to the surface after removal of the sticker or failure of the sticker to the surface. Please ensure the stickers are periodically checked to ensure they are fully stuck down to prevent a trip hazard. If the sticker begins to raise from the surface, you will need a 'heat gun' to re-glue the sticker down. If this continues to lift it could be the surface is not compatible with the sticker and it should be removed. Whilst the stickers are made from a durable material for outdoor use, Able Canopies cannot guarantee the stickers will adhere to all surfaces or the timescale these will remain in place.

Design Options

Available in one design only which features Shade Man, our superhero who helps teach children the importance of protecting themselves from the sun. They are a perfect match with our social distancing scnopies for schools.

You can download our free Sun Safe Activity Pack which includes a fun sun hate template and lots of other fun activities for children here: Free Shade Man Sun Safe Activity Pack

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