New Product Launch! The Codale Junior Tensile Fabric Canopy

New Product Launch! The Codale Junior Tensile Fabric Canopy

The Codale Junior Waterproof Tensile Fabric Canopy

The Codale Junior is yes, you guessed it – a junior version of the popular Codale Conic. This structure offers many of the fantastic benefits that the Codale Conic offers yet the frame is slightly smaller, this enables us to offer you many of the great benefits at a cost effective price.

The Codale Junior is covered with the same tensile fabric that covers the Codale Conic and the Windsor. This fabric is completely waterproof, protects against all weather conditions and has the added advantage of anti-fungicidal properties, keeping the canopy looking cleaner for longer!

This contemporary structure can be constructed from 3m x 3m up to 5m x 5m. If you require a larger canopy, multiple structures can be installed side by side and connected with splash plates to ensure a fully waterproof structure.

The Codale Junior Free Standing Tensile Fabric Canopy

The Codale Junior is extremely versatile and is perfect for many sectors, including schools, nurseries, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

So if you are looking for a canopy that is cost effective, waterproof, offers protection from all weather conditions and will last for many years to come then the Codale junior offers all of these!

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