My Favourite Innovative Installation so far…

My Favourite Innovative Installation so far…

The installation I’m about to tell you about is one of my favourite installations because of its wide range of functions. Not only does it shelter children from the weather keeping them cool on hot sunny days and sheltered on rainy and windy days it also produces free energy for the school and could add them additional tax-free revenue!

Solar Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd. Prior Weston Primary School in London relocated to a new campus in 2008 to Islington in London and recently underwent extensive building work and refurbishments to bring their school building into the up to date.

Along with a new building and lots of fantastic new facilities, Prior Weston Primary School also had an innovative large solar canopy installed by none other than the canopy experts – of course! This canopy was an impressive 34 metres long and 4.5 metres wide.

The canopy is covered with high quality glass solar panels on one side that creates free solar energy for the school, cutting their electricity bills and earning them tax free revenue from any leftover energy they do not use! The other side is covered with tough polycarbonate sheets that offers high UV protection to those underneath.

Solar Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd.The canopy installed was a Kensington Dual Pitch Free Standing Canopy with the Ascot Solar Upgrade. The Kensington range offers high UV protection with its polycarbonate panels; you can also choose to have glass panels for the roof panels as well as the Ascot Solar Upgrade solar panels. This canopy is a robust, chunky canopy that has a sleek, modern appearance and it is particularly popular with educational environments including primary schools. Architects and contractors are also big fans of this product.

Prior Weston Primary School was very pleased with their finished solar canopy and are now enjoying the benefits of their new environmentally friendly shelter structure and will do so for many years to come.

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