New Range of Small Entrance Canopies

New Range of Small Entrance Canopies

Able Canopies Product Development team have had an extremely busy year already and have launched an impressive 14 canopies since the start of January! We have introduced a new range of cost effective door shelters that are, despite their low cost, extremely robust high quality structures.

All of the new canopies within this range have been designed to create cover to entrances, however they can also provide shade and shelter above windows and external walkways. There are many designs to choose from enabling there to be at least one structure that will fit in with each industry sector including the healthcare, hospitality, leisure, education and retail sectors. The attractive designs also range from traditional and decorative to modern and square to enable them to blend in seamlessly with different building styles whilst still creating a feature point to your entrance.

All of the canopies within this range do not have canopy posts and are completely cantilevered. They all have small wall brackets (except the Arbour) and are therefore perfect for buildings with existing fixtures that would usually obstruct the possibility of a wall mounted canopy.

The new canopies include:

the-arbour-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Arbour

An uncomplicated and practical design
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the-orwell-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Orwell

A simple and modern appearance
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the-earlswood-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Earlswood

An exquisitely traditional and decorative canopy
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redford-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Redford

A contemporary, curved structure
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the-abberton-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Abberton

A modern, curved construction with industrial features
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the-ferndale-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Ferndale

A smooth and trendy structure
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tintern-entrance-canopy 03 small croppedThe Tintern

Simple design with a slight curve and almost completely hidden brackets
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beck-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Beck

An extremely contemporary mono-pitch canopy
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tamworth-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Tamworth

A modest design that will fit in with most building styles
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the-balmoral-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Balmoral

Features a mono-pitch roof with stunning decorative brackets
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lexden-entrance-canopy 02 smallThe Lexden

A straight, edgy and modern structure
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the-fenwick-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Fenwick

Design to be fitted to existing building overhangs for a seamless appearance
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nelson-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Nelson

The perfect door shelter which features a domed roof
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the-colwyn-entrance-canopy 01 smallThe Colwyn

Similar to the Nelson but has brackets above the canopy for a more concealed exterior underneath
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