Riding the wave

Riding the wave

With more than a third of UK adults currently classed as cyclists (source: Mintel 2016), and 18% riding weekly or more, it is clear that cycling is playing a major part in the lives of people across the country. From occasional cyclists to health-conscious commuters and full on lycra clad racers, a large part of Britain moves on 2 wheels.

One downside of the increase in cycling has been the number of cycles that are stolen each year. The good news is recent trends show an improving picture. With more awareness of cycle security and increased provision of suitable storage the number of cycle thefts in England & Wales has fallen from by over 100,000 in recent years (source: crimeinenglandandwalesstats). There is still a long way to go though.

If encouraging more cycling is part of your remit or the provision of better cycle security is a concern then we can help you find the option that will work best for you. We start with the simple, cost effective cycle stands and racks, which we are all familiar with, and go through to the more secure and sheltered protection of cycle shelters and cycle compounds. It is these shelters that not only provide additional security but they also protect increasingly expensive bits of kit from the elements.

At Able Canopies we have options that range from the functional to the stylish.  For example, get real value from your canopy by adding energy generating solar panels to your shelter. Or, for a different look, your cycle parking can be finished in timber cladding to fit the surrounding environment and project requirements with the Grasmere Timber Clad Cycle Shelter.

Find out more about how we can help you with your cycle storage, click here: Cycle Shelters and Compounds.