The Benefits of Entrance Canopies in Commercial Settings

The Benefits of Entrance Canopies in Commercial Settings

Entrance canopies are more than just architectural features; they are functional, versatile structures that offer numerous benefits to commercial settings including schools, hospitals, care homes, universities, retail settings, holiday parks, restaurants, and more. Today, we have highlighted the key advantages of incorporating entrance canopies into your facilities.

Entrance Canopies for Weather Protection

First and foremost, the main requirement for an entrance canopy is to provide shade and shelter to people that enter and leave your building. It provides a and safe and sheltered area where they can enter and exit your building whilst keeping sheltered from the rain, snow and sun. When leaving the building it can give them time to prepare by putting their jacket on, popping up their umbrella or pulling on their hood before walking into the wet, drizzly rain, reducing a build up of people doing so inside your building.

Entrance Canopies to Reduce Slippery Floors Inside Your Building

As well as protecting people from the elements, entrance canopies can also help to reduce slippery floors inside your building which can be a slip hazard. By providing a shelter above the exterior of your entrance doors, it reduces the risk of driving rain from entering the building when the doors are opened, even if briefly as people enter and leave. This can help to make your entrance area much safer and cleaner as wet, dirty footprints may also be reduced.

Please see the example below of an entrance canopy at an Academy in Staffordshire:

Entrance Canopies for Aesthetic Appeal

Entrance Canopies are a great way to enhance the main entrance of your building and make a real feature of it. There are many entrance canopy designs for you to choose from including curved entrance canopies, domed entrance canopies and mono-pitch entrance canopies. With so much choice, you are sure to find one that complements your building perfectly and looks as though it was made for your building.

Entrance Canopies with an Added Waiting or Queueing Area

Rather than just covering the entrance area, you can extend your entrance canopy alongside your building to create a waiting area or queueing area. This is very popular within healthcare settings such as doctor surgeries and hospitals. It’s a great way to avoid congestion inside your building and allows people to wait outside in the fresh air without getting wet from the rain or too hot from the sun.

Please see the example at Mill Road Surgery in Colchester of a doctor surgery entrance canopy with a waiting area.

Energy Efficient Entrance Canopies

Entrance canopies also offer energy efficiency advantages. Typically, doors incorporate glass elements that, when exposed to sunlight, can elevate indoor temperatures. Installing a canopy over the entrance can reduce this effect by casting shade and limiting sunlight penetration through the glass. This natural cooling method can decrease the interior heat, diminishing the reliance on air-conditioning or electric fans. Consequently, this can lead to a modest reduction in electricity expenses.

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