Beck Entrance Canopies

Beck Entrance Canopies

The Beck is a stylish entrance canopy that fits in perfectly with architectural and modern buildings. It has a smooth, mono pitch design with a slight pitch angle to allow for water drainage though the integral guttering.

It is fixed to the building with contemporary stainless steel tie rods that are encased within aluminium tubes for added strength and durability. This canopy also benefits from trendy perforated stainless steel brackets beneath the roof bars.

With an unlimited length and a maximum projection of 1.5m from the wall, the Beck is the ideal entrance, window or walkway canopy for hospitals, schools, shops and leisure environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unlimited Length – From 1.4m – unlimited
  • Large Projection, In three practical sizes – 1.0m, 1.2m & 1.5m from the wall
  • No Canopy Posts – The Beck is a cantilevered canopy that is fixed to the wall with aluminium wall plates and stainless steel support rods that are hidden within aluminium tubes
  • Versatile Cover from the Weather – The Beck is the ideal canopy for creating shade and shelter above doors, windows and outside walkways
  • Cost Effective Design – A cost effective alternative to the entrance canopies in our Kensington range
  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Construction – The main frame is made from aluminium and is fixed to the wall with aluminium brackets and stainless steel tie rods
  • Polycarbonate Roof Panels – The roof is covered with 4mm solid polycarbonate roof panels that have a high strength
  • High UV Protection – The roof panels protect against high levels of UV rays from the sun and will not discolour over time due to sun damage
  • Meets UK and European Fire Standards – The clear polycarbonate panels meet the UK fire rating BS 476 Part 7 Class 1Y and the European fire rating EN 13501-1 B s1 d0
  • Strong Canopy Structure – The canopy has been tested and approved by TÜV for loads up to 170daN/m²
  • Integrated Guttering – Benefits from integral aluminium guttering that disperses water through drip spouts located at the front of the canopy
  • 2 Year Guarantee – Supplied with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind

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Design & Specification

Roof Panels

The Beck entrance canopy is covered with solid polycarbonate roof panels that are 4mm thick and have a high resistance to impacts.

Fire Resistance – The clear polycarbonate roof panels that are supplied as standard meet the European fire standard EN 13501-1 B s1 d0 and the UK fire rating BS 476 Part 7 Class 1Y.

UV Coated – The polycarbonate panels are coated on both sides with a high UV protective covering. This protects those underneath from harmful UV rays and also prevents the panels from yellowing or losing their shine.

Light Transmittance – The roof panels let through high levels of light (depending on the colour chosen). The chart below shows the results when tested to the method DIN 5036:

Polycarbonate Colour Light Transmission %
Clear (Supplied as standard) 87%
Bronze 50%
Grey 55%
Green 73%

Please note: We do not have the results for embossed or opal polycarbonate.


The Becks frame is made from high grade aluminium for strength and durability. It is fixed to the wall with aluminium plates connected to stainless steel tie rods what are hidden within aluminium tubes.

Integral Guttering

The Beck features integrated aluminium guttering that disperses water through drip spouts which are located at the front of the canopy.

Loading Capabilities

The Beck has passed the tests undertaken by TÜV for uniformly distributed loads up to 170daN/m².

Technical Drawing

Please click on the image to view a larger version (link opens in a new tab).



Download our technical files including the product data sheet and the .PDF, .DXF, .IGES and .STL files:

Product Data Sheet

Click here to view the Beck Entrance Canopy Technical Specification Sheet

Technical File Downloads


Please see below the NBS specs and BIM models for you to download and add to your project.



Colour Options


The Beck frame is available in 7 colours; please click here to view the colour chart


The polycarbonate is available in a choice of 5 different colours; please click here to view the colour chart

Product Brochure

Download our product brochure to view our full range of canopies:

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