How Can A Timber Canopy Grow Your Leisure Business?

How Can A Timber Canopy Grow Your Leisure Business?

Your leisure business demands that you have customers who regularly visit your facilities. The more times they visit, the higher the revenue you can generate, whether in the form of memberships, pay per use or another complementary service you offer (food, drink, etc).

There are many things that can threaten how many people will attend on any given day. One of these is certainly the weather. When it is cold, frosty, wet or very windy, only those ‘die hard’ customers of yours will attend. This can leave you short of revenue at times.

hawkley-hall-high-school-lancashire-tarnhow-dome-timber-canopy 01Bringing Them Shelter
One way to encourage people to attend on bad weather days is to provide them with shelter as they arrive to your location. Nobody wants to walk from their car to your front door in the pouring rain without cover. This is where a timber canopy can support your business.

By having a timber canopy stretch from your car park to your front door, you can provide cover from bad weather and ensure your patron’s experience is much more pleasurable. It also offers space for people to meet before or after their visit.

This can often be very rewarding as it can increase subsidiary revenue by attracting patrons back into your centre for food, drink and a relaxed chat.

More of a Routine
The most benefit you can gain from your timber canopy is to create a routine for your customers. If they visit every week because there is a shelter providing them cover from their car to your front door it becomes more of a routine. It is harder for the person to then break the routine and cancel future classes or the membership to your centre.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a canopy and they don’t attend frequently, they will find it easier to stop attending you on a regular basis or from keeping up with their membership.

st-josephs-catholic-primary-school-west-sussex-tarnhow curved-timber-canopy 04

Aesthetic Looks
Finally, timber canopies are very attractive and can enhance the appearance of your centre. The more attractive it looks the more people are going to positively rate and recommend your centre. This can be an excellent way to increase your clientele and generate more revenue.

Timber canopies are very popular because they look great and feel natural within any given setting. This is why they are used at a variety of locations including, but not limited to: public parks, golfing clubs, public gardens and nature reserves.

So contact our team to see how a timber canopy can support your leisure business.

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