School Drop Off and Pick Up Canopies

School Drop Off and Pick Up Canopies

Many parents across the UK (and most of the world) have been very patient and accepted the rules and regulations that have been put in place in schools to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As requested, they are happy to collect and drop their children off at the designated points, and the systems appear to be working great.

Until recently… The month of October seems to have brought a bucket load of rain with it each day, I can only imagine how unpleasant it is for parents to wait outside in the pouring rain to collect their favourite little people and bring them home.

The ideal option would be to move your pickup and drop off points to an area of your school that already has a canopy or shelter in-situ. This of course, may not be possible as your only weather protected areas may in parts of the school grounds that are not ideal for such a use.

So, your other option is to install a new canopy where your existing drop off and pick up points are. Our school canopies are perfect for just that and come in an extensive collection of designs to suit your exact requirements including free standing canopies and wall mounted canopies. Our structures are designed and manufactured in-house so we can make them completely bespoke to your needs to ensure your vision is turned into a reality.

In addition to commercial canopies, we also have a great selection of Waiting Shelters, Waterproof Fabric Canopies and Commercial Umbrellas that would also add comprehensive weather protection to your school grounds and protect parents when dropping off and collecting their children.

As an added bonus, the canopy can be used for much more than a drop off/collection point; you can use the canopy for PE lessons, moving indoor lessons outside, fundraising events, plays, shows, award ceremonies, outdoor dining and outdoor play. Invest in a canopy today, and it will change your pupils learning experience tomorrow and always.

If a drop off and pick up canopy is exactly what your school or nursery needs, contact us today to see if you qualify for a free site survey and to find out more. Call 0800 389 9072 or email

Able Canopies Ltd. design, manufacture and install canopies and shade structures at schools, nurseries and educational settings to enable year-round Free Flow Outdoor Play and Outdoor Learning.

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