Outside Comfort Zone – August edition out now!

The August edition of our dedicated newsletter for architects, Outside Comfort Zone, has just been finished. Watch out for it landing on your desk soon! This month we look at how the benefits of solar energy can be harnessed by clever use of panels in canopies and carports. Recent government announcements to develop battery technology and end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 add further impetus to the adoption of solar as a central energy source for … Continue reading

Pay and Display in Style

We have launched a new range of shelters that provide weather protection to your parking meters as well as your customers whilst they are paying for their parking permit in public carparks. There are three shelters to choose from, which cover all budgets. The Briar Pay and Display Shelter is the most cost effective and can be manufactured to as little as 2.25m2 (in floor space). This makes it perfect for keeping your pay and display machines sheltered from the … Continue reading

Things are heating up for solar panels

It is a bit of a recurring theme for this blog for us to talk about the opportunities that solar power gives your project and how our canopies and expertise can help you turn those prospects into real, energy generating installations. We are aware that us talking about ourselves in relation to solar technology can get a bit monotonous so we were very pleased to hear somebody else’s news about the plans for the largest carport in the country. It … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips For Protecting Children From The Sun

During the summer months, you’ll want to be outside and so will the children. However, the sun isn’t always safe. Too much can damage skin, and this can lead to premature ageing, sunburn and potentially cancer. So here are the top 10 tips for protecting your children from the sun during the summer: Use sun cream. It should be at least Sun Protection Factor 15. Try to ensure your sun cream is water-resistant, especially if you plan to go to … Continue reading

Our new Product Brochure is here!

In an age when it is all about streaming and downloading and not actually holding or owning, it is sometimes nice to get your hands on the tangible reassurance of well-designed and well produced brochure. Our new product brochure is just the thing to give you the feeling that all is right with the world. Not only does it include all our canopy, awning, walkway and shade sail products, it also has our complete range of cycle and storage shelters … Continue reading

At Your Service

People talk about service a lot. We all like to be looked after and we remember the times when we have been treated well. Unfortunately, we probably tell more people about the times when the service was bad! Service delivery and measurement is a big deal with the online gurus and in the management and marketing text books. How is your Net Promoter Score looking? We have all seen the social media posts that go viral about poor service or, … Continue reading

Playing Together Helps Children Develop

Socialising skills do not always come naturally to children. In fact, most children need to learn at least some social skills while growing up and some of the basic work needs to start at preschool. Research has demonstrated the positive impact good social skills have on a child’s future. Not only are they more likely to be able to deal with inter-personal conflicts, but they can also be more academic and resilient. This can often mean that they are more … Continue reading

Planning a Fundraising Strategy

When you need to raise funds for your school, or charity, you need to create a plan. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail. But do you know how to plan a fundraising strategy? Do you know how much to include? Some plans are just too incomplete. This just wastes your time and can mean you are unable to maximise potential returns for your time. So here is a quick guide to planning your fundraising strategy to get … Continue reading

11 Tips to Secure that Grant

If you’re in the process of planning a big, costly project and it feels like raising the funds will take forever, then it may be time to apply for some grants. We have therefore added 11 top tips below which are well worth a read before you start on that lengthy application form. 1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Don’t leave the whole responsibility of applying for the grant to one person. Applying for grants can involve a lot of … Continue reading

Playing With Playdough Outside For Less Mess And More Sensory

Messy play is an important part of a child’s development, especially in the early years. It supports their gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination and concentration. It is also fun and exciting. One of the most popular play items for messy time is playdough. The sensation and variety of exciting playdough colours, whether shop bought or homemade, can captivate the imagination of young children. Playdough Is Messy The challenge with playdough is that it is messy. It gets stuck in … Continue reading