Play & Learn Outside | May 2109 | Issue 1.5


Welcome to the May edition of Play & Learn Outdoors. Spring has settled in and summer is on it’s way, so put the kettle on and have a quick read through the inspirational articles inside. In this issue we have listed some fantastic national dates coming up that your school can take part in, a host of outdoor learning ideas and it wouldn’t be an edition of P&LO without our popular fundraising ideas and tips. To view our latest newsletter, please see below or click here … Continue reading

Outside Comfort Zone – Spring 2019


It’s been a while since you last received an edition of OCZ and I can assure you, it’s been worth the wait. After our love with timber in the last issue, we have restored normal service with a good mix of installs and guidance to help you design and plan your next canopy installation. There is a bit of a ‘back to basics’ feel with this edition. It’s easy to lose sight of the core purpose of canopies as we … Continue reading

Sun Safety Tips For Your Educational Setting

With summer on its way, comes the hot sun. Sunshine is a great stimulus for outside play and all summer long children enjoy playing their favourite games in your gardens, playgrounds and outside at home. However, the hot summer sun also presents some dangers. UV damage is one of the biggest problems. Children can also struggle with getting too hot. So, here are our suggestions for sun safety in schools. Use Shaded Areas Regularly One of the first things you … Continue reading

Able Canopies Ltd. Deliver Covered Outdoor Spaces for New Totnes Primary School

As part of a £7 million construction of the new Dartington Church of England Primary School, Able Canopies Ltd. designed, supplied and installed a number of bespoke timber canopies to provide versatile outdoor spaces for pupils and teachers. The new £7 million school in Totnes, Devon, replaced the previous eco-school which opened in 2010 but vacated in 2014 due to serious and persistent issues with the roof. The new development, which consists of 12 classrooms and a range of modern … Continue reading

Our 5 Minutes of Fame

Okay so we’re not famous however, we did have the pleasure of installing at a famous school and we’d be lying if we said we wasn’t a little excited about it! As big fans of ‘The Inbetweeners’, installing at the site that it was filmed, was something everyone at the office and onsite was talking about and we do love a little bit of excitement here at Able Canopies Ltd. HQ. The staff at Ruislip Community High School in Middlesex … Continue reading

Rainy Day Games You Can Play Outside

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean that your students can’t have fun outdoors. Playing out in the rain has numerous benefits. This includes improved motor skills and psychological well-being benefits. So, here are some activities you can do with your children out in the rain. Painting In The Rain Art and rain make a great combination. When it’s raining, you can put coloured powdered paints on the floor outside and get the children to use brushes to make beautiful … Continue reading

How To Create Better Action Planning At Your School

Action plans are fundamental to your school’s success. A plan provides you and your staff with clear aims and objectives, and ensures that all actions to meet them are going in the same direction. There are many ways to create action plans, but not all methods are successful. So, here are ten ways to improve your action planning. Use SMART Objectives The first step is to make sure that all objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). If … Continue reading

Five Stick Games To Play Outside That Can Teach Kids Maths

Sticks have long been an important toy from outside that children have used in games, crafts and other play. They can also be used in education in your setting. By utilising sticks, you can tap into the desire to play with them that children instinctively have and also have multiple lessons available from just one abundant resource. Here are five games to play outside with sticks that can teach kids maths. Counting A simple game, give children loads of sticks and … Continue reading

Outdoor Area Installed At School And Nursery In Kent

Queenborough School & Nursery in Kent were looking to expand a learning and play space for one of their classrooms. As such, they contracted NPS Property Consultants to help them create this new area. Those working on the project at the school and nursery setting wanted to create an outdoor area which could be used for lessons and play all year round. This created some challenges. Outdoor spaces can be become wet and slippery during wet periods and too much … Continue reading

Top Tips For Mother’s Day Crafts

With mother’s day coming up soon, you might be looking at activities that get children making presents for the special day. Art is a wonderful gift as it is creative, unique and fun for the children to do. To make sure that children are having fun doing their craft for mother’s day, and to save on mess inside, why not take the craft outside. You could have children complete presents on a bench outside in the sun. This not only … Continue reading