Play & Learn Outdoors | December 2020 | Issue 2.1


We’ve almost made it to the end of 2020 I think I speak for almost everyone when I say it’s been a tough year! However, the kindness that has come from this year has proven that when times are hard, strangers really do rally round and do what they can to put a smile on others’ faces. The pandemic has shown whats important and what’s not and one of those things is still providing children with a safe place to … Continue reading

Architect Newsletter: Outside Comfort Zone (May 2020)


Welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of Outside Comfort Zone; your quarterly dose of building design solutions for you and your clients. This months’ issue brings you a selection of solutions to help your clients adapt to the new normal and a big Kier project we recently completed in five phases over six months. We also discuss the big upgrade UK holiday park owners are making to the facilities on their sites. Read the full newsletter here: OCZ Spring 2020 We’re sorry, your … Continue reading

How Well Will My Canopy Age?

So, you’re about to invest in a commercial canopy, but you’d like to know how well the structure will age? That’s a very good question, canopies are big investments and if you choose a robust structure from a trusted supplier, your canopy will not only live up to, it will also exceed your expectations. To give you an idea, back in March 2020, we installed a large 12m x 7.5m Double Grange Free Standing Canopy at Mauldeth Road Primary School … Continue reading

How To Encourage Children To Exercise Outside

Once again, the UK is in lockdown and children are remote learning at home. This is causing a potential risk to children’s health. Remote learning is often associated with staying inside and sitting in front of the computer or with worksheets. Very few physical tasks are given during this time. And without access to an outside area like under your school canopy, going outside isn’t very desirable at the moment. The British weather at this time of year is wet, … Continue reading

Easter Fundraising Ideas for Social Distancing

While the UK Government hopes we will be out of lockdown by the February half-term, there is no guarantee. In fact, it all rests on several statistics going in the right direction. Therefore, planning for the Easter Fundraising season needs to be adjusted to be covid-19 secure. Here are some ideas that you could consider. 1. Virtual ZooLots of families have pets and some have more unusual pets like reptiles, birds and amphibians. While you can’t have these into your … Continue reading

Safety Outside in the Cold Weather for Children

Outside time is so vital for development in children. Time outside helps them to build on their confidence, physical and mental health. Yet the cold weather can make children unwell. And icy weather can also lead to children slipping on surfaces. And with the current problems with staff shortages due to isolation and illness, observation cannot be relied upon. So, how can you keep children safe at school during the colder weather? 1. School CanopiesSchool canopies are a great option. … Continue reading

Nature Lessons for Home Learning – How to Build a Hedgehog Home

Summary: Children and parents are struggling with staying indoors and sitting as a desk all day Set outdoor activities that they can both get involved in Time spent outside is good for the metal health of children and adults alike Building a hedgehog home is a great way to build many skills that a laptop simply can’t Whilst children are working from home, it’s widely known that children are finding it really difficult to sit down all day in their … Continue reading

Hillingdon Hospital Benefits from a 44m Entrance Canopy

Summary: Hillingdon Hospital needed to cover their entrance to protect staff, visitors and patients from the elements The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy was the perfect structure for the job Ambulances can now pull up to the canopy to take patients into the hospital whilst keeping protected from the weather Last month, just two days before Christmas, we finished installing six Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies at Hillingdon Hospital in Uxbridge, London for The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This was a … Continue reading

Invite Authors for Remote Story Time Sessions

Summary: Invite local or upcoming authors to hold a remote story time session with your pupils Include a Q&A’s session for additional engagement and enthusiasm Make the most of your pupils’ interest by setting activities to complete afterwards Do you remember those days, when your pupils would be so excited that they’d be on their best behaviour because you’d organised someone to visit the school and talk to them? Those days are not a complete thing of the past. Whilst … Continue reading

Outdoor Pets Can Be A Great Classroom Assistant

When it comes to teaching children outdoors there can be lots of great assets and tools that you can use and a classroom pet is a great addition. Classroom pets can range from pet guinea pigs to chickens and more. And there are lots of benefits of a pet joining your classroom. Here are some of them. 1. Can Teach Children About Routines And Responsibility The first is that it can teach children about routines and responsibilities. You can create … Continue reading

The Most Popular Canopies of 2020

It’s officially here, we have the finalised list of the most popular canopies based on our canopy sales from 2020. If you are looking to invest in a shade and shelter structure and are unsure of what type of structure to choose, this post may help by showing the canopies that other schools and companies have been big fans of. In 2020, we supplied and installed over 30 different products from our range, with each of them installed multiple times … Continue reading

Fun Spring Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking to raise funds for new sports equipment, IT infrastructure or a school canopy? With spring comes excellent opportunities to find new ways to fundraise. So here are some fun spring fundraisers that are Covid-19 secure. 1. School Lotteries Every month you can host a school lottery where parents can buy tickets to win one of three prizes. These prizes can be a first, second or third place with corresponding values. You can allow parents to buy as … Continue reading