Play & Learn Outdoors Issue – 1.2


Welcome to the second issue of Play & Learn Outdoors of 2018. Your source of outdoor learning ideas and fundraising inspiration. Inside you will find outdoor learning activity ideas, help with fundraising and much, much more! View the full newsletter below or click here to download a PDF version: Play & Learn Outdoors | June 2018 In this month’s edition: Help with fundraising Summer outdoor learning activities An introduction to Shade Man How nature can help with mindfulness A big difference for a … Continue reading

Outside Learning Supports Classroom Work

When you’re looking for learning opportunities, outside time is often forgotten or ignored. Normally this is because there’s a significant pressure on teachers to use classrooms and technology. But outside learning can be a valuable partner in your learning schedule. There are several reasons why this is the case, including: Stress reduction There is a lot research showing stress in the classroom for both students and teachers is rising. Yet being in nature is also used in a lot of … Continue reading

Great Crafts For The New School Year

The new school year is fast approaching and you’re probably hard at work getting ready for returning students and new intakes. One of the activities you’ll be looking to start is craft. Craft activities are great because they allow children to develop critical skills, build confidence and allow them to express themselves. This year, autumn has come slightly earlier. Leaves are starting to turn and some fruits are already ripening. For some, the end of summer is a sad time, … Continue reading

Could Forest School Be Useful For You?

Did you know that nearly three out of every four children don’t play for one hour outside each day? Considering the significant benefits of outdoor play, it’s amazing more children don’t. Children might not go outside because they struggle to see the potential experiences and adventure available. This is where forest school can help. Forest school becomes an exciting third educator and can support learning in many ways. Children can learn fine motor skills, promote independence and help to raise … Continue reading

The latest edition of Outside Comfort Zone is available now

This edition of Outside Comfort Zone (our informative newsletter for all those interested in transforming outside space with high quality weather protection) has a bit of a theme running through it. It wasn’t until we sat back and looked at the layout that we realised we have gone a bit crazy for the timber installs. It’s all by circumstance rather than by design (it just happens that a lot of timber projects have finished at a similar time), but it … Continue reading

Sweet 16 – Our lighter, cheaper Coniston option does the job

At Able Canopies, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our service, that’s why we may not always be the cheapest, but you will always find that our products are made from the highest quality materials that follow all required regulations such as CE marking. We also hold many major certifications including ISO, CHAS & Construction Line Gold. We also understand that budgets are tough, particularly within schools and nurseries. That’s why we have developed a product … Continue reading

How Outdoor Play Can Help With Behaviour

Outdoor play is an essential part of growing up. It helps children develop their social skills, physical skills and emotional control. There are also health benefits to outdoor play such as children getting their daily dose of Vitamin D. Building Social And Emotional Skills By interacting outside with others, children learn how their actions can impact their friends and peers. This can be very important in all aspects of life. It helps them learn how to co-operate, to complete tasks, … Continue reading

Three Ideas For Natural Items For Next Term

Using natural items in your setting isn’t just fun for children, they are a great way for your children to express themselves. Natural items help develop a wide range of skills and they can learn more about their world. When you incorporate natural items into your regular activities you can see your children grow and develop. Here are some great ideas for natural items you can use in your setting to help them learn, express themselves and have fun. Natural … Continue reading

Made in the Shade

It’s been a long hot summer already and with a couple of months still to go it seems like a good time to talk about one of our most popular summer products – the shade sail. Like flip flops, sun hats and eating ice cream outdoors, shade sails are one of those things that only come to mind when the sun is shining …which is no surprise. Because of that heightened seasonality it is worth reminding ourselves of the circumstances … Continue reading

How To Make Your Space Work For Your Children

Space is at a premium when it comes to childcare settings. You want to maximise the activities available to all the children, but want to limit the amount of equipment available so it isn’t too overwhelming. Getting this balance right can make a big difference. Children who feel overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, are more prone to disruptive behaviour and don’t learn as effectively. So how can you make your space work for you? Here are some tips to ensure you … Continue reading

Last Minute Fundraising Ideas To Help You Out!

Fundraising is such an important part of a school community. However, running the same idea time and again is often counter productive. There are only so many times parents want to participate in non-uniform days, tombolas and raffles. You need to look at new and innovative ways to raise funds for school projects. If you’re struggling for ideas, but want something fairly quick to arrange, here are some last minute fundraising ideas for you. Bike-a-thon Great for exercise and something … Continue reading