Play and Learn Outdoors – Issue 1.1


Welcome to the first issue of Play & Learn Outdoors of 2018. Your source of outdoor learning ideas and fundraising inspiration. Inside you will find helpful tips on assessing outdoor learning, planning outdoor science lessons and much, much more! Click here to read and download the full newsletter: Play & Learn Outdoors | February 2018 In this month’s edition: The big events of 2018 Help planning your fundraising calendar Outdoor inspiration Assessing progress in outdoor learning A big difference for … Continue reading

How To Use The World Cup To Inspire Learning!

With the World Cup just a couple of weeks away there aren’t many people, young and old alike, who aren’t going to be excited. As nations gets behind their teams in Russia, why don’t you make this event part of your learning? Here are some great ideas to inspire learning in the early years related to the World Cup. Play Football One of the easiest options and most related is to use the tournament as the backdrop for your own … Continue reading

Sunshine and Showers

I cannot believe I’ve only just realised it’s currently #SunAwarenessWeek! Although I’ve maybe missed the boat on this one as it’s currently Friday, I truly believe that every week is a great week to raise awareness and educate children on the effects of the sun. With this in mind, I thought I’d look into some good old British weather stats and they’re actually pretty interesting… It’ll be no surprise to see that out of England, Scotland and Wales, in 2017 … Continue reading

Top of the class

We are proud of all the canopies, shelters and accessories that we offer. But like most companies, even if we sometimes don’t like to admit it, we have a favourite product. What elevates a product to treasured status? It might be the one that has been around the longest, or the one that has the most applications or the one that is the most popular with customers. Or, as in the case of our Coniston, all three of those reasons. … Continue reading

‘Some People Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet’

It’s an odd way to spend a Saturday night, walking 10 miles around the streets of Ipswich, a large part of it getting soaked in torrential rain. It is not an activity that we take on too often. It had to be something special that would persuade us to dress like neon loons and start walking at 10 in the evening. The motivation came from this year’s Midnight Walk to raise money for Ipswich based, St. Elizabeth’s Hospice. On its … Continue reading

How To Keep Children Safe In Hot Weather

The summer term is almost half-way through and the recent May Bank Holiday has proven to be one of the hottest. With this in mind, there are warnings about staying out in the sun for too long and the dangers associated with too much sun. The problem is, that there’s a lot of evidence to demonstrate that outdoor play is beneficial for children’s development. So what can you do? How can you manage the risks and also allow children time … Continue reading

New rules mean better outcomes

Unless you have been living on a remote island for the last few months you cannot have escaped the talk around the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new piece of legislation, designed to protect personal data, is the reason your inbox is clogged with emails asking you to renew your preferences and continue to receive the emails you currently get from your favourite brands, suppliers and publications. The reach of the GDPR is wide and we have been … Continue reading

Pulling it all together

Some of our installation projects involve the co-ordination of numerous construction phases and trades. We have the capability to deliver professional project management to ensure the complete canopy installation is delivered on time and on budget. Project Management Each of our installations involves project management. Coordinating start times, deliveries and hand over, all take planning and communication. These skills allow us to look the requirements of each project and sometimes widen our responsibilities to include more elements of the installation … Continue reading

Five Steps To Make Risky Play A Success

Risky play offers lots of benefits for your children. It helps them gain awareness of their physical and emotional limits and allows them to develop coordination and self-esteem. However, many don’t like risky play because of the perceived dangers. Yet with some proactive precautions, risky play shouldn’t be dangerous. To help you with risky play, here are five steps to make it more successful. Share Concerns Among Staff All members of staff in your setting need to be involved in … Continue reading

Turning a big space into an even bigger opportunity.

The benefits for schools of being able to cover large spaces so they be used more often for more activities are clear. It helps to maximise the use of the whole school, estate, it can add a focal point for school life, with the newly transformed area becoming a hub of social activity, and it gives a new space for dining, sports and entertainment. So why don’t more schools who have large spaces take on projects to add shelter those … Continue reading

How to have safe fun in the sun this year

Hello, I am Shade Man and I am here to help you with sun safety. The good guys at Able Canopies have given me this space to tell you about this year’s Sun Safety campaign and to highlight some of the reasons to get involved. If you are a teacher then we hope this year’s campaign will give you ideas and practical help to make being safe in the sun a fun and engaging topic for your pupils. Our Sun … Continue reading