Play & Learn Outdoors | September 2021 | Issue 2.4


With the new school year having just begun, I can imagine you’re extremely busy yet, grateful for any ideas and tips thrown your way. So, I’ll keep it brief; this edition of P&LO is jam-packed with outdoor learning ideas, fundraising inspiration and advice for purchasing a canopy. When you get a chance, take a break, sit back, relax with your favourite drink and have a flick through. Hopefully you’ll be able to take some ideas back to the classroom. If … Continue reading

Architect Newsletter: Outside Comfort Zone (August 2021)


Welcome to the Autumn edition of Outside Comfort Zone – your quarterly dose of building solutions and news for you and your clients. We have just launched a RIBA approved CPD that is now live on the RIBA website so you can watch it and earn your core curriculum CPD points. We’ve also added a couple of case studies that showcases a recent curved timber cycle shelter installation and a wall mounted canopy for the NHS. Read the full newsletter … Continue reading

How To Keep Your School Canopy Clean

During the autumn and winter months, your school canopy is more likely to become dirty and need some maintenance. Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital for the longevity of your school canopy and with a good schedule, you can reduce repair costs that can be incurred. 1. Clean Off Leaves From The Top One of the first things that you should be doing is to keep leaves off the top of the school canopy. Autumn leaf falls can add weight … Continue reading

Funding for Schools and Voluntary Organisations

I’m always on the lookout for new funding sources, so when I spot one I’ll always share it with you because I understand how hard funding is to come by. When I came across the Wesleyan Foundation who provides grants of up to £10,000, I just knew I had to share the details with you. For Schools, Pre-Schools and voluntary organisations, receiving funding for your latest projects can be tough and with the on-going pandemic, raising funds yourself has been … Continue reading

Three Fun Harvest Fundraising Ideas

Harvest is one of the most popular times for schools to raise funds for good causes in the area. Traditionally, children, parents and local businesses are asked to provide donations that can help those in need. These donations are often food-related. But there are other ways that you can raise funds for the local community. Here are some interesting, harvest fundraising ideas for your school. Cooking Contest Whether you’re thinking of a bake-off or a cooking contest, you can challenge … Continue reading

Sneak Peak: A Stylish Bus Hub for Gravesend

Products:Phase 1 – Two 19.2m x 4m Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing CanopiesPhase 2 – One 41.4m x 6m Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopies Installation Dates:Phase 1 – September 2021Phase 2 – November 2021 Customer Sector: Council End User Sector: Town Centre/Transport Specified Use: Bus Shelters Kent County Council reached out to Able Canopies as they were in need of several shade and shelter options for a new bus hub in Gravesend. They had seen our previous installation of two bespoke … Continue reading

Stylish Shelters to Cover Your Projects

At Able Canopies, we are well known for our high-quality, stylish canopies, but did you know we also supply and install an equally superb range of shelters too? For almost as long as we have been supplying canopies, we have been supplying shelters too including cycle shelters, waiting shelters, buggy shelters, smoking shelters, shopping trolley shelters, bin shelters, bus shelters and cycle compounds. If you have an upcoming project that requires a shelter, be sure to contact us for a … Continue reading

Five Outdoor Activities That Can Help Children Learn About Nature

There are a lot of changes in nature that are going to come about this term, so it’s the perfect time for children to get involved in outdoor activities. When completing tasks outside, children often have a better recollection of the time, build more positive memories and improve their mental health. This time of year is also perfect for learning about nature. Whether that is about the local wildlife, the life cycle of plants or the weather, here are some … Continue reading

Reducing Waste in Schools

It is coming to our attention more and more the need to reduce waste and recycle. Many of us do this on a personal level at home however, it’s not always big in the workplace, including in schools. As individuals are becoming more passionate about recycling, reusing, and recycling, they are sharing their knowledge and passion with their colleagues including those that work in schools. So, if you’re looking for ways you can save waste at your school and pass … Continue reading

To Galvanise or Not to Galvanise

One of the options we offer you when choosing a canopy is the finish – you can choose from a galvanised finish, a powder coated finish or galvanised and powder coated finish. This probably makes you wonder what the difference is between these finishes and which option would be best for your environment? There are many benefits to each finish and below I am going to explain what these are to help you make the right decision. Galvanising Why choose … Continue reading

Five Positives Of Outside Learning For Children

In recent years, more children have been keeping themselves indoors and not learning about the environment that is literally on their doorstep. Even in schools, a lot of learning still takes place in classrooms. Yet children should be encouraged to interact with nature and learn more outside. There are several benefits to outside learning that can help children become more rounded individuals that can provide more opportunities as they grow up. So what are the five benefits of more outside … Continue reading

Going Green One Tree at a Time

The world is changing and we’re starting to realise that it’s important we start looking after our planet. Here at Able Canopies, as a company we are keen to do our bit and have been achieving the renowned ISO 14001 environmental awareness certification for many years. We were also particularly pleased to see that this year, we reduced our carbon footprint by 29.316 tonnes. As a way to go that extra mile, we have made the decision to team up … Continue reading