October Newlsetter


Welcome to the Autumn edition of Play & Learn Outdoors. As the leaves, clocks and temperatures change, the use of outside space changes too. We are less concerned about the strength of the sun (although that can still be a factor) and more about protection from the rain and snow. With that in mind we have given you some thoughts on what to look for in a canopy that can give you effective year-round shelter. To make the most of … Continue reading

Child-Led Learning Benefits and Tips

Educational facilitators are often planning activities for their students and usually focus on what they can learn from them. However, research has shown that child-lead play and learning can actually improve learning results and personal development. What Is Child-Led Learning? Child-led learning is where the child chooses the activity, location, and length of time spent on it. They have control of the activity, but the teacher can structure learning based on what they are doing. For instance, a child playing … Continue reading

Hitting the Big Time

We are immensely proud of all our installations but there are always the unique ones that stand out a little more than the others. They might be the one where we get to use a new material for the first time or have had to overcome the challenges of a difficult site, or maybe we’ve had to develop a unique fixing to finish a job successfully. And sometimes it’s just because the project is big. In the world of canopies, size … Continue reading

Outside Play Still Important For Older Children

With the rise in screen time, many older children are spending less time playing outside. While this is generally accepted, some suggest that outside play is still important to children over 11. For one thing, children over this age could benefit from the increase in activity for health reasons. There are many news reports on the growth of obesity in children. Secondary school teachers can also find that children in their care don’t have basic skills like catching, running, etc. … Continue reading

Five Top Simple Outdoor Activities

Playing outside has many benefits; it encourages activities that help physical development and hand-eye coordination, and when children play in groups, it helps improve social skills. So, it’s helpful to have a few ideas for easy outdoor activities that are relatively quick to set up. Here’s a selection of simple outdoor activities you can offer your children. Balloons Balloons are always attractive to children. Some will kick them around, while others will play catch with them or try to keep … Continue reading

A Sweet Idea

Our canopies are nothing if not flexible. They can be used to provide shelter and shade for all sorts of applications. One that caught our eye recently was the use of a Coniston (the King of Canopies) to provide weather protection for pupils who were using the school tuck shop. The Coniston was the ideal choice as it provides the projection required to keep tuck shop customers sheltered and it has the robust nature that will allow it to function … Continue reading

Quick And Easy Fundraising Ideas

Do you need to raise funds for your school, but don’t know how to get started? Raising funds can be challenging, especially if you want to host an event that will engage the students. Many of them might be reluctant with traditional ideas. If you want some ideas, look at our suggestions below: Pop-up Parlour Food is always a best seller and apart from the traditional cake sale, you could try offering ice lollies in warmer weather, or themed food, … Continue reading

What Are The Best Outside Autumn Activities?

While the summer is not yet over, you might be starting to think of Autumn and what fun activities you can organise for you and your children to enjoy when it arrives. Autumn is a great time for educating children as there is so much to inspire them. So, what are the best autumn activities you can organise? Here are some of our suggestions. Make A Mosaic One of the best features of autumn is all the colours that are … Continue reading

Funding for Solar Canopies and Solar Carports

Able Canopies Ltd. Helps Customers Access New EU Funding If you are a small business based in the Kent, Medway, Essex, Thurrock, Southend or East Sussex region then you might be eligible for support for your projects targeting improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Aimed at companies with less than 250 employees, the Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) programme is now operational until spring 2019. LoCASE will provide a consistent, accessible business support programme across the SELEP area. This … Continue reading

Tarnhow Length of Installs

We recently showed you the total length of Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies that we have installed, and now we’re about to enlighten you of the total length of Tarnhow Timber Canopies that we have installed. We first launched our timber canopies in January 2012 and since then, they have become once of our most popular canopy ranges, particularly within the education, MOD & healthcare sectors. It is clear to see from previous installations that the most popular uses for our … Continue reading