December School Newsletter


Welcome to the final 2017 edition of Play & Learn Outdoors. As Christmas rapidly approaches, thoughts don’t so much drift as dash towards the end of term and the Christmas holiday. To help you get there at a reasonable speed, this edition includes ideas on Christmas fundraising (we had to really!) and interesting thoughts on making the most of outdoor learning and activities during the Winter. We also cast an eye towards some useful events for the new year. We … Continue reading

The November edition of the Outside Comfort Zone should have just landed on your desk!

In this latest edition, we talk about our recent install at Bournemouth University. This ground breaking project uses energy generating solar canopies to help the University develop a green and sustainable dynamic to its new transport hub.  There is also an informative case study which talks about the brief, solution and installation at Jo Richardson Community School. If you are looking for a solution to cover a large space then this will be of interest to you. We also discuss … Continue reading

A Crafty Christmas

It is coming to that time of the year when children are dreaming of stockings filled with treats, and presents under the Christmas tree. Keeping all that excited energy entertained can be a challenging job. However, craft activities can help channel their excitement, get you into the spirit of Christmas and decorate your setting with beautiful crafts made by the children. Here’s a list of our suggestions: Christmas Tree Biscuits Tasty and good fun, Christmas tree biscuits might not make … Continue reading

Run An Auction Of Promises

Are you looking for a fun, creative and cost-effective way for your school or pre-school to raise funds? Then why not try running an ‘Auction of Promises’ event. This fundraising idea is something that often gets patrons talking and can be a way not only to raise funds but to raise awareness of your needs and funding options to a broader audience. An Auction of Promises is when donators promise to provide a service to the highest bidder, e.g. dog … Continue reading

Why choosing the right canopy supplier matters

Your canopy will be an important part of the built environment of your school or campus. It will perform many roles – provide all year-round shelter, become an outside classroom or be used s a meeting place. It therefore needs to have the same care and attention applied to it as any building or structure on your site. Any canopy installation needs to follow construction best practice requirements – efficient design, clear planning, site safety, high quality materials and care … Continue reading

Watch Out: Observing Your Children In The Great Outdoors

Children love playing outside and this environment can yield much information which can be used to decide on the best way to teach children to reach critical development milestones. All that teachers need to do is watch and observe the children in their care to see what’s helping them. More Confident To Be Themselves One of the main benefits of observing children outside is that they are more themselves than they are in a classroom. Children can choose their favourite … Continue reading

How to choose the right canopy for you

Once you have decided on how your canopy will be used and the key components relating to the frame and the roof panels, see here you can then move on to evaluating the other aspects of the canopy installation. In this part of our guide to choosing the right canopy for your school we consider the options and choices that you will have once the bigger decisions have been made. Size & Position A key question to consider at this … Continue reading

What to consider when making your canopy choice

Choosing a canopy for your school or academy could be a daunting prospect as there are many different canopy styles, materials and options to assess and evaluate. This brief guide is intended to help you start that process and narrow down your choices to an effective list that will help you get the product you need for your organisation. It is a series of blog posts of which this is the first. The others will follow over the next 2 … Continue reading

Learning By Doing

There are many ways in which children can learn. Most children have a preferred learning method whether that is by listening to instructions from a teacher, reading about it in a book, or putting theory into practice. However, there are other ways to learn, such as learning through doing an activity. Take for instance a flower’s lifecycle or healthy eating. Children could learn from books or from you telling them about it – or you could get some seeds, soil … Continue reading

October Newlsetter

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Play & Learn Outdoors. As the leaves, clocks and temperatures change, the use of outside space changes too. We are less concerned about the strength of the sun (although that can still be a factor) and more about protection from the rain and snow. With that in mind we have given you some thoughts on what to look for in a canopy that can give you effective year-round shelter. To make the most of … Continue reading